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Fwd: Low Expectations Fully Justified

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  • Ron Cohen
    ... Subject: Low Expectations Fully Justified Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 10:56:16 +0200 From: Reuven Kaminer To: Reuven Kaminer
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      Subject: Low Expectations Fully Justified
      Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 10:56:16 +0200
      From: Reuven Kaminer <reuven.kaminer@...>
      To: Reuven Kaminer <reuven.kaminer@...>

      From the Desk of Reuven Kaminer

      March 22, 2013

      Low Expectations Fully Justified

      During their first meeting in Jerusalem and then openly in the
      subsequent press conference, Obama extended complete and unreserved
      support for Israel's right to determine, on its own, the date for the
      attack on Iran. Simultaneously, Obama seemed to be voicing an
      independent line since the US has designated more time for negotiations.
      This even could be presented as a way of avoiding war "for a year." This
      so called "independent US line" is misleading and devoid of any real

      Obama's recent outburst of Zionist rhetoric in Jerusalem has irrevocably
      committed the US to involvement in any anti-Iranian adventure that the
      Israeli government will launch. The outline of the most probable deal is
      clear. Israel will go for a surgical strike that allows the Iranians, if
      they so chose, to desist from a major response. But any likely Iranian
      military response action against Israel will force the United States, on
      the basis of the enthusiastic and unqualified moral and political
      commitments by Obama, to enter the fray in military action on Israel's
      side. By forcefully undertaking unconditional obligations to protect
      Israel from feeling the brunt of any Iranian military response to an
      Israeli attack , Obama is a playing with fire. Simply said, Obama by
      promising to cover Israel's back, has given the Israeli warlords a carte
      blanch for war against Iran. If anyone in Washington hesitates about
      seeing the Israeli war as a joint US-Israel operation, the Israelis will
      present to Obama all the promissory notes that he signed on his
      pro-Israeli binge in the holy land. All those beautiful words of concern
      and affection for Israel's Jews (and not for the Palestinians) really

      Ramallah Is Not Jerusalem

      It is painful to see the Palestinian Authority perform such an
      ignominious role during the Obama visit. It is hard to understand how
      the PA could agree to such one-sided, biased arrangements which were
      lacking any semblance of equality between the two sides. Sure enough,
      Obama used the occasion to ridicule the vital Palestinian demand for a
      settlement freeze before negotiations as putting the cart before the
      horse. However, ongoing settlement during perpetual talk is a
      non-starter for the Palestinians. It is absolutely clear that the
      Palestinian public will not consider entering negotiations accompanied
      by ongoing settlement construction.

      Professional Confidence Game

      The media and many of our local doves are going gaga about the dovish
      section of the hour long speech by Obama to a well screened audience of
      Israeli students today in Jerusalem. Indeed, platitudes poured forth
      from the distinguished guest. This was enough for our local liberals to
      disregard the real context of the drive to war on Iran and the total
      symbiosis between security forces of the USA, Israel and Palestinian
      Authority. Much was said of mutual respect and mutual trust and the
      discovery that "they are just like us" was a real hit. But not a word
      was mentioned about the 1967 borders, of the need to share Jerusalem, or
      the problem of the Palestinian refugees, during the hour long hymn to
      the advantages of fairness, love and beauty. Thus, everyone in the local
      political arena was joyful. Obama hit the right buzz words for the
      right. The wonderful dream of peace was conjured up for the n'th time
      for the doves. But no practical steps were even discussed in this world
      of low expectations. Any and all opponents of the occupation must tell
      Obama the "we have been there and done that." Instead of action to curb
      Israeli annexation, Obama hung up a green light for new settlement

      We must admit that there is some increase in the activity of the
      pro-peace faction in these days. The faction has submitted a new highly
      convincing argument. It goes like this. When we attack Iran it would be
      helpful if we could refer to a background of ongoing Israeli-Palestinian
      negotiations. After the successful war on Iran, Israel will have plenty
      time for endless negotiations which will take place on the background
      of a newly reinforced Israeli regional ascendancy. Nothing new here:
      Talk peace and make war.

      Reuven Kaminer
      POBox 9013
      Jerusalem 91090
      Israel 972 2 6414632
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