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Fw: [TOI-Billboard] Occupation's expiration date

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  • Frank Fisher
    http://toibillboard.info/  at time of forwarding this link has not been updated and is still showing last week s billboard   As an alternative most of the
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      http://toibillboard.info/  at time of forwarding this link has not been
      updated and is still showing last week's 'billboard'   As an alternative most
      of the articles can be found at  http://www.kibush.co.il/   For those not
      visible use the tabs at top of page (Life under Occupation, Settlements etc)

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       If you have difficulty reading it http://toibillboard.info/
      A government with a civil
      The blog of Adam
      http://adam-keller2.blogspot.co.ilOccupation's expiration date
      Magazine  March
      and aselection of articles posted on earlier
      Giving the occupation an expiration date
      Noam Sheizaf and Dahlia Scheindlin -
      +972 - Without diminishing the many facets, layers and problems in the conflict
      (refugees, land, control over resources, holy sites, sovereignty and national
      self-determination), one issue is the most urgent and pressing for the region,
      and it is also the most obvious: ending the military occupation. We envision two
      possible mechanisms to achieve that. Either the two sides devote the next round
      of negotiations to reaching an agreement on how to end it, or the international
      community must demand and impose an end of the occupation. bz
      Israeli troops detain Sharawna`s
      Ma`an - Amjad Najjar of the
      Palestinian Prisoners Society, denounced the arrest as an act of revenge to
      punish the Sharawna family. Israel exiled Ayman Sharawna, a father of nine, to
      the Gaza Strip on Sunday in a deal to end a hunger strike he began in July to
      demand his release. bz

      Silwan siblings detained after
      confrontation with settler boy
      IMEMC -
      Jerusalem police arriving at Silwan arrested Deena Morad Jweiles, 14, and her
      brother Mohammad, 12, keeping them under detention and in interrogation for many
      hours, after a violent confrontation with a settler boy from the "City of David"
      encalve in the midst of Silwan. As related by the siblings` father, the settler
      - also aged 14 - attacked them as they were heading to school, and squirted
      pepper-spray at their faces. Deena took out butter knife she kept in her bag, to
      prepare sandwiches for herself and for her brotherm abd waved it - whereupon the
      police arrived and detained her and her brother (but not the settler boy). (ak)
      Displaced Palestinians return to village
      after 64 years
      Haggai Matar - +972
      - While three Palestinian outposts in the West Bank were erected and swiftly
      destroyed by the army – the youth of Iqrit were able to stay. Indeed, whenever
      they try to build something outside the church and its single adjacent room,
      authorities quickly show up to demolish it. But other than that, they’ve been
      living rough and making it happen: planting and growing their own food,
      collecting timber for fire, unearthing ruins of the old village, uploading
      pictures to their Facebook page from their mobile phones (there’s no electricity
      for computers). bz
      Obama itinerary skirts political
      Reuters - Obama`s tour in
      Israel will not include the Wailing Wall, where he went before being elected
      President, as it is in the hotly contested East Jerusalem. However, the Israeli
      organizers provided him with many sites related to Jewish history - and to its
      present day Israeli political implications and assertions. His traveling in the
      West Bank will be mainly by helicopter, avoiding Israeli settlements and
      limiting contact with ordinary Palestinians, some of whom don`t feel well
      disposed due to Obama`s reiterating his backing for Israel. (ak)
      Yair Lapid brought us an extreme right,
      settler-dominated government
      Gush Shalom
      press release - Lapid`s supposedly “left of center” party won many more votes
      than Naftali Bennett’s extreme-right formation, but the alliance of these two
      parties worked entirely in favor of Bennett and his settlers. Bennett had taken
      sober, well calculated steps, focusing on gaining the commanding positions in
      order to strengthen and bolster the West Bank settlement enterprise. Lapid
      wasted the incredibly strong position which fell into his hands in the aftermath
      of the elections, using it to advance marginal and insignificant
      Settlements, cell phones, and red tape:
      challenges to Palestine’s mobile market
      Wikileaks - Pockets of mobile phone coverage within the West Bank
      highlight settlement geography — the only parts of the West Bank with strong
      coverage are within Israeli settlements. Palestinian mobile telephone operators
      are for example unable to secure any permits to build towers in Area C (the 60
      percent of the West Bank under full control of Israel). bz
      Ocalan says peace talks with Turkey
      Ynet - Associated Press - In
      a message relayed by Kurdish legislators who visited the PKK leader on his
      prison island, Ocalan said he plans to make a "historic" announcement. [Such
      things also happen-bz]
       Selection from earlier days
      Video: My Neighbourhood: a Palestinian boy`s view of
      Israeli settlements
      The Guardian - "My Neighbourhood
      (directed by Julia Bacha and Rebekah Wingert-Jabi) tells the story of Mohammed
      El Kurd, a Palestinian teenager growing up in the heart of East Jerusalem. When
      Mohammed`s family is forced to give up a part of their home to Israeli settlers,
      local residents begin peaceful protests, and in a surprising turn, are quickly
      joined by scores of Israeli supporters. Mohammed comes of age in the face of
      unrelenting tension with his neighbours and unexpected co-operation with Israeli
      allies in his backyard. My Neighbourhood is latest short film by Just Vision, an
      organisation that uses film and media to increase the power and legitimacy of
      Palestinians and Israelis working to end the occupation and resolve the conflict
      Photos: Israel arrests 3 Palestinian children in
      South Hebron Hills
      AIC - "Israeli police Friday
      detained three Palestinian children near the South Hebron Hills village of
      At-Tuwane in the southern West Bank. The boys arrested are 14, 15 and 16 years
      To the Victor, the Spoils
      Uri Avnery - Gush Shalom - "Not for nothing did he call his party There
      Is a Future. Well, the Future has arrived, and it looks suspiciously like the
      Past. Indeed, the New Politics look very much like the Old

      A government with a civil
      Just at the time when Naftali Bennett embarked on the task of
      mediation to end the crisis in the government coalition talks, there was held in
      the Fawwar Refugee Camp the funeral of Mahmoud
      http://adam-keller2.blogspot. com (English)
      http://adam-keller1.blogspot. com   (עברית) 
      TOI-Billboard - the 'ezine' of THE OTHER ISRAEL, a peace-oriented news
      service existing since 1983, editors Adam Keller & Beate Zilversmidt. The
      billboard includes relevant articles  from the Israeli mainstream press as
      well as alternative sources - mostly from what was collected inOccupation Magazine   from
      within Israel/Palestine & from international media. You also find Adam
      Keller's comments, in his Crazy Country blog. Since November 2009
      there is no longer a bi-monthly printed issue. An archive of old issues covering
      26 years of  peace movement struggles is under
      All issues of The Other Israel from 1994 until 2009 are
      now online in a searchable format, as well as the six first issues,
      starting July 1983. The digital recovery of issues from '84-'94 is still in
      process. Access at http://toibillboard.info/ oldtois.htm
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      Gush Shalom weekly
      the column of Uri Avnery    
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      Is This Where the Third Intifada Will
      BEN EHRENREICH--On the evening of Feb. 10, the
      living room of Bassem Tamimi’s house in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh was
      filled with friends and relatives smoking and sipping coffee, waiting for Bassem
      to return from prison. dn
      Israel`s US envoy: `Gatekeepers` hindering PR
      Yitzhak Benhorin --Although he is an avid
      supporter of free speech, advancement of local film industry, Ambassador Michael
      Oren believes documentary on in which Shin Bet officials slam Israel`s West Bank
      policy hurting country`s international image. dn
      You`re not a tourist, Obama. Go to Israel with a
      Jonathan Freedland--As Netanyahu unveils his
      new government, the US president should echo Israel`s former security chiefs:
      the occupation must end. dn

      From a mother`s grief to an immigrant`s fear: A week
      in photos - March 7-13
      ActiveStills--This week: The
      funeral of a Palestinian killed by Israeli forces; olive tree planters face
      settlers and soldiers; Women of the Wall’s protest; a Palestinian action against
      family separations; Beit Safafa resists a road; solidarity with Samer Issawi
      continues; Israelis protest for human rights and animal rights, and African
      immigrants face anger in Tel Aviv. dn
      Video: Draft Refuser Natan Blanc explaining his
      A statement by imprisoned Draft Refuser
      Natan Blanc. He made it from home about a month ago, in between prison terms.
      Hebrew, with English subtitles. bz
      EU To Send
      Delegation To Evaluate the Situation Of Palestinian
      Saed Bannoura - IMEMC "The mission’s visit
      comes a few weeks after the death of detainee Arafat Jaradat, who was tortured
      to death at an Israeli interrogation and detention center." ca  
      Speak out against silencing
      Haaretz Editorial - "A new report published by the Association for Civil
      Rights in Israel deals with the widespread use of libel suits and legal threats,
      including against ordinary citizens who protest or voice criticism. It describes
      a disturbing reality in which a growing number of people are afraid to
      participate in the public discourse due to fear of being sued and becoming
      embroiled in lengthy, expensive legal proceedings. This is a serious blow to the
      already fragile fabric of democratic life in Israel. " ca

      The Rise Of Palestinian Non-Violent Resistance: A Conversation With
      Mustafa Barghouti
      Raja Shehadeh - The
      Daily Beast - “But let me emphasize that what analysts are predicting will be
      starting has already started,” he continued. “But it is not following old
      models. What gives me great hope is the growing movement amongst people for
      non-violent resistance, which began ten years ago with the resistance to the
      building of the wall and has been slowly but consistently developing and
      IDF Soldiers Demand Prosecution of 5
      Broken Cameras Director for Incitement
      Richard Silverstein - Tikun Olam - Repeatedly, the soldiers
      complain that their images were appropriated by the filmmakers without their
      consent or input. The fact that they appear in the film disturbs them deeply.
      They feel that they should at least have been given an opportunity to have input
      into how they were presented. This perspective misunderstands the point of a
      1000 Palestinians, nearly half of them
      children, face imminent forced expulsion from their homes in Masafer Yatta,
      which lies within Israeli Firing Zone 918.
      Christian Peacemaker Teams Palestine - The residents of Masafer
      Yatta urgently need your help to prevent the forced removal of their villages.
      Their legal status is precarious, and their homes and schools could be
      demolished at any time. Such an action by the Israeli military would constitute
      the largest forced expulsion of Palestinian civilians in many years.-rh

      Israel’s Lawyers at
      Scott McConnell - The American
      Conservative - " Will the president seek to lay a foundation for a return to
      meaningful negotiations, or will he conclude simply that US has no real
      influence over what Israel does and quietly resign himself to a long and
      wrenching process of American disengagement from what will be soon be viewed a
      simply an apartheid state? " - id

      Fair trade helps Palestinian farmers
      stay on their land
      Emily Lawrence - The
      Electronic Intifada - "There are many varieties of olive oil, but one stands out
      from the rest. It’s the rarely seen description on its label: “Produced and
      Bottled in Palestine.”" - id
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