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Re: [JustPeaceUK] Fw: (Fwd) West Bank village under tight siege, water cut off, oliv

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  • Ruth Cohen
    Hello Tirza and Ron, I haven t been in touch for a few weeks but have been following events here and in Israel/Palestine. Are you suggesting giving money to
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15, 2000
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      Hello Tirza and Ron, I haven't been in touch for a few weeks but have been
      following events here and in Israel/Palestine. Are you suggesting giving
      money to Gush Shalom or directly to a Palestinian source? I am in favour of
      collecting money as a way of activating/educating people so would only ask
      for donations if accompanied by political/factual material. What I think
      is also urgent is the passing on of information to journalists here. Jude
      tells me that there is left organization but none of it is reported here and
      knowing that the left in Israel is protesting may encourage people here to
      take a stand too. What do you think? Yours Ruth.
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      Subject: [JustPeaceUK] Fw: (Fwd) West Bank village under tight siege, water
      cut off, oliv

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      > Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 11:41 PM
      > Subject: Fw: (Fwd) West Bank village under tight siege, water cut off,
      > Dear friends,
      > We start getting urgent appeals for humanitarian help for sieged
      > villages and cities (Harres & Hebron according to the information I got so
      > far).
      > I enclose the background about the village of Harres, + 2 appeals that
      > sent over the past week.
      > I'm not sure how exactly we can help with it from London, but this is a
      > certainly a new phase in the desperation - and we can't ignore it.
      > My opinion is that it is VERY important to do the political work,
      > e.g. to spread the word about this reality (I haven't seen anything about
      > the closure in the BBC news, for example), as part of our efforts to
      > advocate immediate end to the occupation. But should we also try and work
      > the humanitarian basis? after all - we want to end the occupation because
      > there are PEOPLE suffering (yes, Israelis as well - and for me its a
      > reason to work for peace - but they don't suffer hunger...). I feel that
      > this humanitarian aspect "bring it home", and maybe some people around us
      > would feel better doint something "real" to relieve the suffering, rather
      > than going on demonstrations and signing petitions...
      > So maybe we CAN do something from here, collect donations or something
      > this. Do you think we should? Do you know any person or organization that
      > might want to join or take on such a charity work? Does anyone feel like
      > working on
      > this aspect? Mika? Anyone? (I don't mind helping).
      > tirza
      > 1) First report, from 29.10.00 - background
      > ------- Forwarded message follows -------
      > From: "Gush Shalom/Israeli Peace Bloc" <otherisr@...>
      > To: Activists List <info@...>
      > Date sent: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 17:09:03 +0200
      > Subject: West Bank village under tight siege, water cut off, olive
      > trees cut down.
      > Send reply to: info@...
      > Priority: normal
      > GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 - http://www.gush-shalom.org/
      > Here follows the text of a press release which we just sent out. We also
      > send it to our non-press list so that you will know what hardly gets any
      > press
      > coverage. You may want to make yourself an effort in getting it into the
      > media,
      > by using what ways are open to you.
      > Thank you.
      > ---------------
      > Tel Aviv - Gush Shalom press release October 29
      > West Bank villages under tight siege, water cut off, olive trees cut down.
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > ----
      > ---------------------
      > "Hares village is surrounded on all sides already for a week, and the army
      > is
      > making the siege tighter by the day. All entrances and roads, even the
      > unpaved
      > sideroads, were blocked with enormous rocks, and soldiers are preventing
      > people
      > from going in or out. "The army is systematically cutting down our olive
      > trees,
      > which we were just going to harvest. Two hundred trees were already
      > destroyed.
      > Our land does not produce enough food for our daily needs, we relied on
      > we
      > could buy from outside. Now, even if we suceed in slipping around the
      > soldiers
      > and getting to neighboring village, it does not help because they are in
      > same position, also besieged by the army. "The officer in the roadblock
      > me
      > it was all in punishment for our throwing stones. Last night our water was
      > also
      > cut off.
      > This description of the situation was given by inhabitants of Palestinian
      > villages Hares (5000 inhabitants) Kifl Hares (4000) and Dir Istiya (8000)
      > the
      > north-eastern parts of the West Bank, who spoke to activists of Gush
      > The three villages are surrounded by the Israeli settlements Ariel (one of
      > the
      > biggest on the West Bank) Yakir and Revava. This makes them part of a
      > "settlement bloc" whose annexation to Israel Prime Minister Barak demanded
      > at
      > camp David, and which is currenty mentioned as one of the areas to be
      > unilateraly annexed in case of a Palestinian Declaration of Independence.
      > The
      > Palestinian villagers report settlement security guards working in close
      > cooperation with the soldiers besieging their villages. In recent weeks,
      > settler
      > leaders demanded that the army increase its punitive measures against the
      > Palestinians, and some settler groups made open threats to take such
      > punitive
      > steps on their own. News of such sieges have come also from other parts of
      > the
      > West Bank, where access roads to various villages had been blocked by the
      > army
      > with rocks or concrete blocks, causing extreme hardship to whole
      > populations.
      > "Subjecting tens of thousands of civilians collectively to cruel forms of
      > structural violence is among other things a breach of the Geneva
      > to
      > which Israel is a signatory, and turns Barak's call upon the Palestinians
      > for a
      > 'reduction of the violence' into sheer hypocrisy" says the Gush Shalom
      > movement.
      > Contact:
      > Hosni (Hares Village) 972-(0)54-293399
      > Fuad or Hassan (Hares Village) 972-(0)54-370683
      > Neta Golan (Liaison Centre) 972-(0)50-757504
      > Adam Keller (Gush Shalom Spokesperson) 972-(0)3-5565804
      > ========================================================
      > Add this to all your mail
      > (and suggest to your friends to do the same)
      > ========================================================
      > ========================================================
      > Sign the "Our Jerusalem, Capital of Two States" petition
      > full text in Hebrew, Arabic and English at
      > http://www.gush-shalom.org/jerusalem
      > If you want to support our activities you can send a check to:
      > pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 or, with credit card, click:
      > https://www.givetocharity.com/cgi-bin/give.pl?CODE=11505
      > NB: Please, email us that you did so!
      > If you do (not) want our action alerts and updates (un)subscribe to:
      > <info@...>
      > ========================================================
      > ------- End of forwarded message -------
      > 2) First appeal, sent 9.11.00:
      > We received a desperate appeal
      > for help: 5 families, living in the periphery
      > of Haris village (near Ariel settlement)
      > are in dire need for food and milk for their 32 children.
      > To donate money for an immediate relief action,
      > please contact Naama ASAP 051-890714.
      > We shouldn't stay indifferent to this
      > direct plea for aid.
      > ** End of message 2 **
      > 3) Second appeal, sent today, 14.11.00:
      > Return-Path: <info@...>
      > From: "Rabbis For Human Rights" <info@...>
      > To: <info@...>
      > Subject: HUMANITARIAN APPEAL/OLIVE HARVEST - Immediate Response Requested
      > Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 18:22:15 +0200
      > X-MSMail-Priority: High
      > X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.2314.1300
      > Importance: High
      > Dear Friends and Supporters,
      > 1. I want to again remind you that we are collecting funds to deal with
      > various urgent humanitarian requests that we and others are receiving,
      > particularly for people without food. If you notify us of a pledge, we
      > authorize funds before your pledge actually arrives. PLEASE OPEN YOUR
      > HEARTS AND HELP OUT. To RHR rabbis - please announce in your
      > 2. We have finally received a green light from Palestinians in Harres
      > Ariel) to help with the olive harvest and to protect them from settlers.
      > Like the need for food, defending the basic right of Palestinians to farm
      > their land safely supercedes whatever we feel about the current events.
      > Please let us know ASAP if you are willing to help out, and on which
      > However, it will be an opportunity not only to help people in need, but to
      > make a strong statement about the closure of the area, the resulting
      > humanitarian problems and the ongoing harassment and worse of
      > Please respond ASAP by email or to 02-563-7731, 050-607034 or 03-6733037.
      > Today two Israelis and one individual from Japan arrived in Harres to
      > what will now be a permanent international violence reduction and
      > observer/reporting team. They have been picking olives along with local
      > Palestinians all this afternoon in order to provide some measure of
      > protection from settlers.
      > B'Vrakha,
      > Rabbi Arik Ascherman
      > Executive Director
      > Rabbis For Human Rights
      > info@...
      > Tel. 972 2 563-7731
      > Fax: 972 2 566-2815
      > Mobile: 972 50 607034
      > Website: www:/rhr.israel.net
      > ** End **
      > To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:
      > JustPeaceUK-unsubscribe@egroups.com
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