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Stripping Palestinians of their right to self-defence

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  • abe.hayeem
    Scathing article on the UK s hypocrisy and ignorance of international law and its continual bolstering of Israel s war crimes - while clobbering the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2009
      Scathing article on the UK's hypocrisy and ignorance of international law
      and its continual bolstering of Israel's war crimes - while clobbering the
      Palestinians right to self defence and self determination. Here is some meat
      for you to clobber your MPs and the Government with.

      Stripping Palestinians of their right to self-defence

      By Stuart Littlewood

      28 January 2009

      Stuart Littlewood describes how British Prime Minister Gordon Bown and his
      EU colleagues are rewarding Israel for its slaughter of 1300 Palestinians in
      Gaza by feasting its leaders and conspiring to prevent the people of Gaza
      from exercising their right under international law to bear arms against an
      illegal occupier.

      A pre-meditated and carefully planned slaughter binge resulting in 1330
      dead, 5450 wounded and the whole place reduced to rubble. And what did the
      European Union¹s 27 foreign ministers just do?

      They sat down to dinner in Brussels with the Israeli foreign minister, Tzipi

      This must have come as a slap in the face for the millions of justice-loving
      EU citizens who were expecting to see Ms Livni arrested for crimes against
      humanity the minute she set foot outside Israel.

      All is forgiven. Normal poodle service is resumed. Right now Israel's
      helpmates in Europe are lining up to pay with our tax money for the
      humanitarian mess and the economic wreckage, and to offer Israel the
      services of EU member states in helping to turn the screw yet again in the
      subjugation of a people Israel has terrorized, abused and dispossessed for
      60 years.

      Never mind that the EU has spent billions over the years on infrastructure
      projects in Gaza, only to see them wantonly smashed by Israel¹s military.

      One of the services on offer is help with stopping the ³smuggling² of arms
      to the Palestinians, now crushed and stripped of everything amid the ruins
      of their homes, wrecked utilities, devastated hospitals and schools, and a
      public health disaster. That's what happens when people have only AK47s,
      RPGs and ineffective rockets to fend off a ruthless occupying force
      bristling with all the armour and high-tech weaponry of modern warfare.

      Already six European leaders ­ including German Chancellor Angela Merkel,
      French President Nicolas Sarkozy and our very own British Prime Minister
      Gordon Brown ­ have pledged to provide ships, troops and technology for
      anti-smuggling operations.

      "We will do everything that we can to prevent the arms trafficking that is
      at the root of some of the problems that have caused the conflict," Mr Brown
      said, offering the services of the Royal Navy.

      Gordon Brown wouldn't send a few navy ships to protect British flag vessels
      carrying medics and humanitarian supplies from life-threatening acts of
      piracy by Israeli gunboats.

      He wouldn't send ships to ensure the freedom of the seas ­ or even the
      freedom of their own territorial waters ­ for Gaza's fishermen.

      He wouldn¹t send ships to shoo away Israeli gunboats shelling Gaza¹s

      But he'll happily send ships to make sure Palestinians have no weapons with
      which to exercise their right of self-defence.

      Still, that comes easily after depriving them of their right to

      This cosy evening with Livni in Brussels was convened by the Czech foreign
      minister, Karel Schwarzenberg, who currently chairs the EU Council of
      Ministers. It was he who said of the Israeli blitz on Gaza's citizens: "We
      understand this step as a defensive, not offensive, action," thus
      establishing beyond doubt what a pro-Zionist ass he is.

      Meanwhile, Iran's Foreign Ministry has summoned the Czech chargé d'affaires
      in Tehran, to protest the indifference and silence of the EU to the
      violations of human rights by Israel in the Gaza Strip, saying it only
      encourages Israel to continue its crimes.

      Good grief! Must we look to Iran for a moral lead?

      The concerted move against so-called smuggling is intriguing. An illegally
      besieged people bring in supplies ­ food and arms ­ by any means possible.
      Is that smuggling?

      Correct me if I¹m wrong, but I was under the impression that a people under
      siege by an illegal occupier are entitled in international law to take up
      arms against their oppressor. Who are we to interfere and deny them that
      right? There is a general consensus that Israel's relentless assault to
      annihilate Gaza¹s civil society was unlawful and a war crime. So why isn't
      Mr Brown more concerned about blocking America's massive supply of arms to
      Israel, which is a much bigger "root cause"? Of course, we all know which
      side Mr Brown¹s bread is buttered.

      And when can we expect Schwarzenberg to invite Hamas to dinner to discuss
      the reconstruction of their ruined country ­ Hamas (in case he and his
      colleagues had forgotten) being democratically elected to govern and,
      therefore, in the words of British-Jewish MP Sir Gerald Kaufman in the House
      of Commons, the ³only game in town²?

      Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells
      the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For further information
      please visit www.radiofreepalestine.co.uk.

      Copyright © Redress Information & Analysis.
      All rights reserved.
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