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Latest JVP and Mazin Qumsiyeh newsletters 30 Oct 2007

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  • Joe Kane
    Howdy everyone, here is the latest email newsletter from Jewish Voice for Peace - JVP News Roundup: Cutting Power to Gaza
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2007
      Howdy everyone,
      here is the latest email newsletter from Jewish Voice for Peace -
      'JVP News Roundup: Cutting Power to Gaza'

      As usual, it is stuffed full with lots of interesting articles, views
      and snippets - there is a link to an interesting article in 'The
      Christian Science Monitor' regarding a Palestinian census taking
      place, and the significance on having too many of the wrong kind of

      It isn't just indomitable Gaza which the current Israeli regime wants
      to strangle the life out of with an illegal embargo/siege - they also
      have Cuba on their wish list as well. Mazim Qusyim's has this to say
      in his latest email newsletter -
      sign up here to recieve them - http://qumsiyeh.org/

      "More isolation of the US and Israeli governments: On Tuesday, the UN
      General assembly voted overwhelmingly (184 to 4) to ask the US to lift
      the embargo on Cuba. Who are the four? The US, Israel, Palau, and
      Marshal Islands! Other recent votes at the UN were also lopsided
      including those on Israel (and the dollar will keep declining against
      other currencies so long as current foreign policies remain)"

      For more, see -
      'U.N. votes against U.S. embargo on Cuba for 16th year'
      Yahoo News
      30 Oct 2007

      All the best everyone!
      Yours Joe
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