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Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP), Newsletter September 2006

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  • Tirza Waisel
    *Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP) P.O. Box 31811, Tel Aviv Tel.: +972-3-5227124 E-mail: trn1@zahav.net.il * _*www.wofpp.org*
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      *Women`s Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)
      P.O. Box 31811, Tel Aviv
      Tel.: +972-3-5227124
      E-mail: trn1@... *

      _*www.wofpp.org* <http://www.wofpp.org/>_* *

      Newsletter September 2006

      There are, at present, about 115 women political prisoners in the
      Israeli jails. In* Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond) *about 90, the rest in*
      Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle*), in* Ayalon Prison (Ramle), *in* Hakishon
      Detention Center (Jalame),* and several more in other detention centers.

      On 13 September 2006 the prison authorities of *Hasharon Prison* decided
      - under the pretext that two women had tried to dig a tunnel in their
      cell - to put dozens of political women prisoners in a separation wing
      and to transfer about twenty women to other prisons: *Hakishon (Jalame)
      near Haifa, Ayalon (Ramle) *and* Neve Tirza (Ramle).* The prisoners
      claim that this is absolutely absurd, as twice a day the wardens search
      everywhere, including all the cells, especially the floors.

      The prisoners told Taghreed Jahshan, WOFPP's lawyer, that the two women
      who, according to the prison authorities' claim, had tried to dig a
      tunnel, were beaten by the wardens, but they were not transferred to
      another prison.

      According to the reports of WOFPP's lawyer, the women who were
      transferred are now being held in conditions that are much worse than
      those in Hasharon Prison:

      On 18 September Taghreed tried to visit *Ayalon Prison (Ramle), *after
      having previously arranged the visit, according to the established
      rules. A short time after her arrival, she was informed that a state of
      emergency has been declared in Ayalon Prison, and she was asked to leave
      at once. She called several times during the next two hours, but the
      state of emergency was still continuing. By the way, Ayalon is a prison
      for men, and this is the first time that we hear that women are being
      detained there.

      On 19 September Taghreed visited *Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle). *Upon her
      arrival at 9am, while her license was being checked, she was informed
      that a state of emergency has been declared. She telephoned at 11am and
      was told that she could come at 12 noon. Finally she was allowed to
      enter the prison at 2pm, after having waited outside in the heat for two
      hours. She had asked to meet two prisoners who had been transferred from
      Hasharon Prison, but was allowed to meet *Amne Muna *only. Amne Muna is
      being held alone in isolation detention. She started a hunger strike on
      13 September, demanding to be transferred back to Hasharon Prison.

      Four women prisoners were transferred to *Hakishon Detention Center
      (Jalame)*. On 20 September Taghreed visited Hakishon and asked to meet
      the prisoners. She was allowed to meet only *'Abeer 'Amer *who told her
      that they do not receive any soap or sanitary pads. The four women
      started a hunger strike on 13 September, demanding to be transferred
      back to Hasharon Prison.

      *_Hasharon Prison (Tel Mond)_*

      ‘*Etaf ‘Alyan**,* 42 years old, administrative detainee, from Ramallah,
      mother of a 2-years-old baby, was arrested on 22 December 2005. On 26
      July, her administrative detention was extended again for another three

      In August she was formally charged with organizing summer camps for
      young girls. The judge in the military court ordered to release her on
      bail until the end of the legal procedure. The Israeli Authorities
      refuse to release her, as she is still under administrative detention

      About 'Etaf 'Alyan. _www.wofpp.org/english/etafi.html

      *Rauda Fritakh Al'oijen, a Jordanian citizen, was arrested at the
      beginning of August together with her husband. For more than six years
      she had been living in the West Bank with her husband who is a citizen
      of the West Bank and her son who is now six years old. At the beginning
      of September, about a month after her arrest, the Israeli Authorities
      tried to deport her to Jordan, but did not succeed because her Jordanian
      passport was not valid. - Six years ago she requested to obtain a legal
      status in order to be able to remain with her husband in the West Bank,
      but the Israeli Authorities never answered her request. "Nadi elAsir"
      (Palestinian Prisoners Society) appealed to the High Court against the
      deportation order, and the High Court ordered not to deport her until
      her petition is being dealt with.*

      *Nuha Bushnaq was arrested in August and put into administrative
      detention for a period of six months.*

      *Dr. Rifqa elJa'abri, *43 years old, from Hebron, administrative
      detainee, is held in Hashron Prison (Tel Mond). The Israeli army
      arrested her on 15 August and placed her under administrative detention
      order for six months..

      Dr. Rifqa elJa'abri was born in Hebron in 1963. She studied general
      medicine in Yemen, and specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology in
      France. She underwent her training in Almakased Hospital in Jerusalem.

      She worked in hospitals in Hebron such as Almohtaseb Hospital, which
      belongs to the Red Crescent committee, located in the old city of
      Hebron. She has her own clinic in Hebron, and she is the head
      administrator of Alnaqa, charitable medical center in Bethlehem. This
      center offers emergency help for sick people and makes surgical
      operations, especially for poor people who cannot pay for other hospitals

      About Dr. elJa'abari: _www.wofpp.org/english/rifqa.html

      *_Neve Tirza Prison (Ramle_)*

      The Parole Board refused to release *Tali Fahima* after she had served
      two thirds of her sentence but decided that after three months another
      hearing about her early release will take place.
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