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Re: [JustPeaceUK] Appeal from peace activist detained at BG airport

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  • diana
    The issue is now academic. The peace activists tried their best to prevent deportation and certainly one did say he would be disobedient on the plane which
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      The issue is now academic. The peace activists tried their best to prevent deportation and certainly one did say he would be disobedient on the plane which meant that he was jailed but the authorities still deported them. I do believe though that we need to write to the relevant Israeli authorities questioning their rationale. They are so used to getting their own way on everything that it may just have an impact. The blogspot you need is
      http://celebratingnv.blogspot.com/ This is the conference blogspot and an important resource for those who want to know the score.
      I spent one day at the conference and one day in Be'lin during my 5 days away. Lots to report but I shall try to get my head round things and consult my notes before entering cyberspace with my thoughts. Just a point that may help anyone writing to the Israeli authorities: Remind them that around the newly minted and very permanent Bethlehem checkpoint they have a number of signs some of which say 'Israel welcomes visitors to Bethlehem' and in the cattle pen that is the permanent checkpoint they also have a poster saying ' Have faith in Israel'. And another one just saying 'peace'. And perhaps ask them how this squares with their behaviour.
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      Subject: [JustPeaceUK] Appeal from peace activist detained at BG airport

      Just saw this on Canadian list (TUCJME), will try to find out latest

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      From: theresa mcdermott
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      My Name is Theresa McDermott.

      I came to Israel/Palestine to attend the conference Celebrating Non Violent
      Resistance in Bethlehem from the 27th -31st of December. This conference
      has been organised by the Holy Land Trust and Non Violence International
      and there are many exciting speakers from the Civil Rights and Non Violence

      On arrival at Ben Gurion Airport at 5am on 25th December I was refused
      entry and detained. I am currently resisting deportation along with other
      peace activists who are also trying to attend the conference in the hope
      that our legal appeals against our refusal will be successful.

      I am committed to peaceful, non violent support for the Palestinian people
      as they try to live as normally as possible under occupation.

      Could you please support me by e-mailing, faxing or calling your MP, MSP and
      the Israeli Ministry or Interior. Minister Mr Avrahaam Poraz sar@...
      Director Mr Mordechay Mordechay mankal@...
      Spokesperson Ms Tova Ellinson dover@...
      Public Relations Ms Nechama Pluga-Zecharia pniot@...

      Please ask for an explanation for my detention and also the detention of
      other peace activists trying to attend this conference?

      Thank you very much

      Theresa McDermott

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