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  • brian663977
    Apr 12, 2005
      May I just think aloud for a moment? I fully accept the arguments for
      approaching organisations such as the PSC along the lines Tony
      suggests. However, is there a chance that it could be counterproductive?

      It sometimes seems to me that the more evidence you adduce, including
      from Shamir's own writings, the more the true believers resist it.
      Like deeply hypnotised subjects, or sufferers from hysterical
      blindness or amnesia, a part of them sees quite well what it is they
      don't want to see (hypnotised subjects in experiments have been shown
      to walk carefully around obstacles whose presence they deny, and so on
      ...) And you don't have to be hypnotised to fall under the influence
      of suggestion, including auto-suggestion. As advertisers and
      political demogogues know.

      If much of what Shamir writes strikes deep chords within people, let's
      say people whose primary motivation for involvement in this issue is
      an unacknowledged, and denied, antisemitism, then in attacking
      Shamir's writings we're attacking that hidden - but probably deeply
      cherished - part of those people's personalities. And they'll muster
      all the narcissistic defences they can - denial, projection (It's not
      us, it's you lot).

      And maybe they've got us in a double bind - if we win the argument we
      lose it, and the better we win, the worse we lose ... A friend has
      written to me to say we're wasting our time on the abominable trio and
      simply giving them the old O2 publicity kick. We should (he writes)
      be "concentrating now on fighting the horrors of what is going on in
      Israel and the OT. We should be challenging the three parties as to
      what they will do to stop Sharon and the Wall and the settlements, and
      call a halt to this round".

      As I said, I'm thinking aloud ... and listening hard ...

      --- In JustPeaceUK@yahoogroups.com, orna neumann <ornaneumann@y...> wrote:
      > Is there somone willing to take this forward?
      > Thanks Orna
      > Brighton Unemployed Workers Ct <brightonunemployedcentre2000@y...>
      > >My suggestion is that anti-Zionist Jews, maybe under the banner of
      Return or JAZ, should sign an open letter to the PLO/PSC etc.
      insisting that they categorically repudiate Shamir and all his works
      and calling on Deir Yassin Remembered to break its links. What is
      important is that those Jews who sign are seen, without any
      qualification or equivocation, to be opposed to Zionism root and
      branch AND opposed to Shamir.
      > Tony Greenstein
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