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Re: Off Topic, or Just a Bit Off?

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  • alixnc
    [snippy snippy] ... ... a ... feminist ... Might not you more appropriately say I,goat ? pppbbbbttttthhhh!!! Just recalled one bit I left out of
    Message 1 of 15 , Jul 23, 2007
      [snippy snippy]
      --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Powell"
      > <snip>

      > > One final note on the death of the patriarchy theme: This is NOT
      > > question of patriarchy versus matriarchy, nor any form of
      > > rant.
      > Listen everybody that swooshing noise you hear is the sound of Alix
      > back-peddling really really really fast. *grin*
      > I kid, I kid. I kid because I love :-)
      Might not you more appropriately say "I,goat"? pppbbbbttttthhhh!!!
      Just recalled one bit I left out of that long ago post on the
      background of Felice's name (the Landry family of Loudun, that French
      town of Inquisition fame, and later of Acadie, i.e., Nova
      The Landry family, which boasted some of the earliest known Catholic
      bishops in France, included at least one minor Landry nobleman among
      the Richlieu lieutenants who railroaded Urbain Grandier right into
      one of France's most notorious barbecues (there were also a
      systematic persecution of the Huguenots and, apparently, a sizeable
      land grab going on). His given name? Victor.
      Oh, and add to the May-Rushdie-King up the patriarchy list Thomas
      Pynchon's 'Against the Day'. As much to wade through as the Rushdie,
      or perhaps Aldous Huxley at his most prolix, but also terribly funny
      in spots.

      Still persisting,
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