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RE: [Julian-May-discuss] Re: Unifex is Marc/Elizabeth?

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  • Padraig Timmins
    ... I don’t think the 5 Lylmik in the books are the only ones around. The Lylmik had 20 odd votes on Concilium Orb, so there must have been at least that
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 25, 2007
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      > I get the impression that the Quincunx along with

      > Atoning Unifex are perhaps the only Lylmik remaining in

      > this physical dimension - that the rest have passed over

      > into the light (heaven?) which may be another dimension.


      I don’t think the 5 Lylmik in the books are the only ones around.  The Lylmik had 20 odd votes on Concilium Orb, so there must have been at least that many around.  I think the number of votes a race had on Concilium was probably linked in some way to the how populous the race was throughout the Galaxy.  So the Lylmik were not populous at all, but they of course had the power of Veto.


      > when Rogi's book is written and all is done, Atoning

      > Unifex and the others finally also pass over?


      Only Atoning Unifex passes over.  I can’t recall anything to suggest the rest of the Quincunx pass over.  Indeed the whole getting the other four to enjoy physical bodies once again, was, I believe, an attempt by Unifex to get them to revitalize their lives, and possibly ensure that they as a race don’t just die out.  Of the Quincunx it is only Unifex who has had experience of physical form when he was Marc Remillard, so only he could possibly know the wonders of the physical form (if indeed he considered it a wonderful thing, which I think he must have and something that the Lylmik psyche was in need of exploring, for otherwise why bother with it?).


      > - When Marc and Elizabeth go to Duat, Marc could not

      > have know that he would become a Lylmik and be

      > Atoning Unifex.  But he may have come to that

      > understanding while bring Unity to Duat.


      He couldn’t have know, but after he made the decision to return, he must have considered that he would become the progenitor of the Lylmik and the Milieu, even if he didn’t know how he would complete it.


      > - Dennis was the most powerful of all Remillards.  He

      > could D-jump without artificial means once Fury became

      > known to him (or earlier?)  He was also never assayed

      > as many operants were.


      I reluctantly agree that Denis must have been the most naturally powerful member of the family.  I think May says as much in the Milieu saga.  I also must say I think it’s a bit rubbish too, and stems from he love of the character that developed when she decided to write intervention, rather than launch straight into the Milieu Trilogy.


      I say reluctantly because the who Denis/Fury thing trivializes, for me, Marc’s character.  Rather than being an utter bastard and therefore a REAL enemy, Marc and his cause, became the instruments of the demonic Fury.  Which I think is rubbish and lets Marc off the hook.  As it stands, in the mind of the reader (who is surely the most important person) Marc gets a cop out.  The reader can mitigate Marc’s actions because he and his cause were being manipulated. I would have preferred to have seen a Marc who really was a total b@stard, which would have given his ‘Atoning’ much more significance. 


      > - Rogi also more powerful that even he knew - his own

      > fear and guilt stopped him, and he was untrained. In

      > effect at the end he was the only operant outside of

      > Unity.


      Who cares.  I like Rogi, and he adds a nice touch to the story, but I always wanted to hear about Marc, Jack and their buddies, more than get a vision of their story from senile old Rogi.


      Having said that, I really like Intervention, and it wouldn’t have been the same without Rogi.  I think JM plays way too much on Rogi’s ‘hidden’/‘untapped’ power.  Why couldn’t he have just be a whimp who was helped out now and again by a godlike guy, but mainly survived by his wits and a healthy dose of luck.






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