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Re: [Julian-May-discuss] Re: question about Aiken?

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  • Jabberwocky1469
    ...try Machiavello, the Prince ........ sepiternity wrote:Ciamar a tha sibh tha mi à Alba! A bheil thu ga mo thuigsinn? I m no sure
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      ...try Machiavello,  "the Prince"........

      sepiternity <sepiternity@...> wrote:
      Ciamar a tha sibh tha mi à Alba! A bheil thu ga mo thuigsinn?

      I'm no sure if this will help but....

      When I was growing up we used to have a nursery song called "Aiken
      Drum" which said he came from the moon.  Now, me memory is a wee
      bitty vague on this but I remember he had a coat made out o' good
      roast beef and tousers made out o' haggis skins. 

      No doubt another one of Ms May's collective unconsious archetypes.

      Now - this is where it gets a bit ropey.  I also remember a fairy
      tale when I used to work in the Machars of Galloway in SW Scotland
      (they filmed the Wicker Man their, shallow genitic pool, load o' peat
      bogs, moon-faced kids, etc) and there was this wee boogle called
      Aiken Drum.  I suppose you describe it as naughty pixie or elf - a

      However - this area of Scotland is pictish - not celtic and most of
      the mythology has a much more darker, more primitive feel to it than
      the cutesy-pie english romanticism of Celtic culture.

      As to the MacGregors - well, that bog-trotting lot came fae further

      As to the Italian connection - I have a guess about who that
      politician was but maybe someone can enlighten me?

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      > --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, Cleomadjai
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      > > I can't remember it ever being mentioned - only that MacGregor,
      > er,  banked sperm.
      > The emphasis on MacGregor is also the best clue to the problem of
      > Duncan: However quirky, he is the knight/champion (or guardian
      > if you will) of the clan, useful at key moments to both Aiken and
      > number of those who serve his purposes.
      > Alix

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