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Re: [Julian-May-discuss] weird Milieu/Dune dream

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  • nicolel@iconz.co.nz
    ... Dreams about Marc, hmmm? :-) What had you been eating before you went to sleep - inquiring Lylmik want to know! ... Interesting dream! While I m no expert
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2001
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      >--- elleon_tver@... wrote:
      >> I've been re-reading the Dune series by Frank
      >> Herbert; for the
      >> first time in about a decade, though I used to know
      >> them really
      >> well, years ago.
      >> Last night I dreamed of Marc Remillard - and he was
      >> doing what
      >> Leto II did in "Children of Dune": putting on a
      >> sandtrout skin!
      >> And talking about his father, Paul.

      Dreams about Marc, hmmm? :-) What had you been eating before you went to
      sleep - inquiring Lylmik want to know!

      >Thanks for this gem Elena, my dreams don't tend to be
      >auite as exciting as that (the last one I can
      >remember, last week, was excavating the carpark of a
      >nearby shopping centre and uncovering a Roman
      >ampitheatre - quite strange since I live in Australia!
      >*I* was excited but I can;t imagine anyone else being
      >excited by that sort of thing!).

      Interesting dream! While I'm no expert dream analysis person I would say it
      means you like looking for wonder underneath the ordinary surface of things.
      Also, your dream may not be as crazy as you think, as according to a book I
      have called 'Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & The Pacific' Roman and
      Egyptian coins have been found in Australia. In fact, quite a few Egyptian
      things have been found in Australia....yes, the ancients travelled around
      quite a bit.

      >> Hmm, is my subconscious just free-associating, based
      >> on two guys
      >> with fathers named Paul? Two guys who changed the
      >> universe?
      >How would you explain that?? I've only read the first
      >Dune novel and from that I think I would equate Marc
      >more familiarly with Paul than Paul with Paul (if that
      >makes sense....) but since I've never read the whole
      >series and read Dune itself four years ago I can't
      >make very informed judgements on [Dune] Paul's

      Having never read Dune I can't comment on this I'm afraid!

      >> Maybe tonight I'll see Leto morph from Worm into
      >> Lylmik... Just had to share this with someone.
      >Thanks for reading. :)
      >Thank god for the web is all I can say! All these
      >years of daydreaming (or dreaming) about the Milieu
      >and the Remillards etc and finally since this list
      >started up I've had an opportunity to express my
      >unfulfilled love for a guy who has the unfortunate
      >nickname of Abaddon, my intense belief that MP powers
      >are real and that I will prove it to the world (one
      >day.....) and that I believe Pliocene Earth really was
      >a cool place (really!). And I can do all of this
      >without being thought *completely* loopy!!!!

      Yes, thank God for the web. It's good that it gives people like us a chance
      to get together and talk about JM's books. No Leda, you're not loopy.
      Anyway, have you researched the paranormal at your local library? Not all
      psychics are fakes you know...

      High Thoughts

      - Nicolette :-)

      "My muscles have pumped up a bit from living strenuously on high-grav
      planets, whereas you have mainly exercised your charisma."
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