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Re: [Julian-May-discuss] Red Dwarf

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  • Ian J Greely
    ... Yes. Imagine how upsetting it would be to find that Mark (or his like) were the reason for it all... ... Well, as I understand it the Carbuncle is a
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 2, 2000
      On Wed, 2 Aug 2000 01:07:35 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

      >There is a line in MANY COLOURED LAND which sums it up
      >pretty well. Mercy is talking about the reasons she is
      >going into Exile. She says (and I can't quote it 100%)
      >'I found a little solace in music, in the pageants, in
      >drugs....but essentially I was a bit of non-viable
      >scum on the vaunted human gene pool.' And I think a
      >lot of people feel like this, not just in the Milieu
      >but also in real life.

      Yes. Imagine how upsetting it would be to find that Mark (or his like)
      were the reason for it all...
      >It is the old existentialist way of thinking
      >really...what is the purpose in my life, why am I
      >here. Some people find ways to reassure themselves
      >that they have a raison d'etre, such as religion, or
      >destiny or whatever. In the milieu it became Unity.
      >But some people are never going to be able to provide
      >themselves with a completely adequate reason for
      >living. So living itself is not really sufficient
      >reason for life. These people, like Mercy, can find
      >'solace' - mainly through addiction (harmful or
      >non-harmful. eg, and obsession with music is usually
      >positive not negative, as is an addiction to one's
      >work). The happiness and contentment derived from the
      >different varieties of solace we take is enough to
      >alleviate the emptiness and despair felt by someone
      >who doesn't truly feel like they have a reason for
      >living. Thus, they won't commit suicide. But when an
      >opportunity like Exile presents itself they see this
      >as a way to provide themself with a reason for living,
      >or perhaps a way to avoid needing a reason for living
      >(e.g. if you are living six million years in the past,
      >do you really need a reason to live??? You can have
      >more fun that way).
      >Others, such as Aiken, are probably completely
      >ignorant of this turmoil that disturbs many humans.
      >He sees no impediment to the fun and risk that makes
      >his life worth living (even the law). He is much
      >better suited to a less structured society where his
      >willfulness, trickiness and skill are appreciated.
      >The others find happiness in the Tanu way of life
      >because it allows them to exercise qualities
      >unnecessary in the modern world e.g. romanticism,
      >chivalry, bloodthirstiness.
      >What is the answer to that mystery? I was sure that
      >the Great Carbuncle was Felice and Cul, I thought Marc
      >took the ruby because no one else in Exile could
      >handle it.
      Well, as I understand it the Carbuncle is a miniature of the
      amplification device built by Jack and Diamond Mask for the final
      confrontation. If you recall Denis looked into it and it was,
      ultimately, the reason he tried crazy Rogi's idea and started the

      If you read the descriptions of the artifacts I think you will find
      that they are different geometric shapes....

      >Even if it does say somewhere that the ruby
      >was still buried under a mountain, I think AU would
      >have been able to dig it up, and perhaps reshape it to
      >harness it's powers. It is just too coincidental that
      >a strange ruby in Au and then Rogi's possession should
      >come to play a part in so many events in the series.

      As Chesterton says "Coincidences are spiritual puns"...

      I had much the same idea on the things myself...

      >But there are tons of coincidences of course.
      >What were you saying about Dougal, Ian? Why did you
      >think his presence strange, almost diabolical - as far
      >as I could see he didn't do much except cry out about
      >the 'faery iron'.
      his guys shows up, play the part of a shambolic imbecile and
      facilitates much of the major movement of the piece.

      He is at the iron forge and basicly saves Tony (who opens the time
      gate in the other direction).

      He is Epone's choice as love toy as soon as he arrives and, whilst
      appearing normal, is not turned into cannon fodder.

      If you look at any part of the books where he appears there is
      something momentous in the air...

      Not unlike Rogi in many respects. Just there altering certain apects
      of situations to facilitate the desired outcome...

      ... He strikes me in much the same way as you suggest of the
      carbuncle/felice-cull gem.

      Again Moot stuff.

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