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Going far off topic - Eddings/Cook (was Re: Its all gone quiet)

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  • mrgrub_au
    ... the list; since you ve all been going off topic with other authors, I d be interested in hearing opinions about David (and Leigh of course! ) Eddings,
    Message 1 of 22 , Jun 30, 2003
      > I've been here (on the list) a while, but this is my first post to
      the list; since you've all been going off topic with other authors,
      I'd be interested in hearing opinions about David (and Leigh of
      course! <g>) Eddings, and Hugh Cook.
      > JM, along with D(L)E and HC have been the only authors who have
      actually persuaded me to buy whole series' of books, and I still re-
      read them; yet I've seen disparaging remarks elsewhere about them
      (esp. Eddings.)
      > Anyone read the others' series with an opinion?

      Well, I've plowed through the Belgariad (repeatedly), the Malloreon
      (repeatedly), the Elenium (thrice) the Tamuli (twice), Belgarath
      (repeatedly), Polgara (thrice) and the Rivan Codex (once - D & L's
      collected musings, development, etc for the Belgariad and Malloreon).

      As for the opinions:

      Belgariad - My introduction to David and (alebit uncredited) Leigh's
      stuff - compelling, compulsive pageturners the entire lot - that
      doesn't fade upon repeat after repeat - fave bit : Garion VS Burnt-
      Face in Cthol Mishrak in the final book, 'Enchanter's End Game'.

      We have Lester Del Rey to thank for the chess influenced titles.

      Malloreon - Leading on from the motley crew's misadventures in the
      Belgariad. To sum up, the Dark Prophecy is alive and still kicking -
      Torak biting it didn't finish things. Still compulsive, compelling
      pageturners. Favorite bit - Ce'Nedra reappropriating the carriage
      that Silk had obtained in 'Demon Lord of Karanda'.

      Elenium - It was on the bookshelf, so I read it. Ho hum. Had
      nothing better to read. Picked up towards the end of the third book.

      Belgarath The Sorceror - Oscillating between hilarity and tragedy
      (Poledra's "death" and 'Grat's (to use Grul's version of the Eternal
      Man's name) reaction to same being an example of latter) , this
      filled in a lot of the backstory from the self-admittedly biased
      viewpoint of someone who had caused most of said backstory. If
      you've read any book of either the Belgariad or Malloreon, a must

      Polgara The Sorceress - Vo Wacune's fall had me in tears. Luckily
      for my hide, none of same landed on the book. Filled in even more of
      the backstory, from a different POV. Like Belgarath, a must read.

      The Rivan Codex - Read this because once I read a series, I GOTTA
      know the ENTIRE backstory. Real inneresting tid bits.

      Tamuli - After the finish to the Elenium, this was a let down.
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