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  • Elena
    hi everyone, I ve been collecting more JM covers from around the net. They re now in Files, check em out: http://www.egroups.com/files/Julian-May-discuss The
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2000
      hi everyone,

      I've been collecting more JM covers from around the net.
      They're now in Files, check 'em out:

      The Russian covers have been joined by some from Italy,
      France, the Netherlands, and the US paperback covers.
      I could only find one cover from Poland (Magnificat), though
      I looked on the publisher's website... but it's very colorful!
      The German editions of Exiles and Milieu books seem to be
      out of print; I couldn't find any pics; any Germans on this list?

      My vote for funniest cover goes to the US paperback edition of
      "The Many-Colored Land". If that's Felice in the foreground,
      she's gone back in time with a really bad perm. And in the
      background - well, I think it's Sean Connery, on horseback and
      dressed as a nun - tell me I'm wrong! :)


      "Well you've got Grandpere Denis to talk to now. He's
      more [complex image] than anybody short of a Lylmik."
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