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Re: Unifex in the flesh

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  • nicolel@iconz.co.nz
    Hi there, ... I laughed when I realised that. Sly JM! ... Plus Prometheus and King of the Stars. I also read that Minannon was a Celtic Sea god (the spelling
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      Hi there,

      > > BTW, just an observation on more Biblical parallels:
      > > the sons of
      > > Paul and Teresa have the names of the four
      > > Evangelists - Matthieu,
      > > Marc, Luc, and Jon (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John);
      > > and the daughters, named after Sunny, are Marie
      > > (Mary) and Madeleine
      > > (Magdalen) - "my prodigal sister", says Marc at one
      > > point.
      > >
      > > Elena
      > Goos spotting!!! I'd thought about the preponderance
      > of frankisised (if that is a word!!) biblical names in
      > the Remillard family and vaguely noted 'Marc 'Luc' and
      > 'Jon', but didn't put together the four Evangelists or
      > the two mary's!!!! Can we divine the significance
      > behind this??

      I laughed when I realised that. Sly JM!

      > Speaking of double ettendre namings, I noted several
      > re-readin the Pliocene series. I thought I had
      > bookmarked them all but know they are escaping my
      > ability to locate. One of them I recall is Tony
      > Wayland (Wayland-Velkonn). This is a more standard
      > naming similarity because every name in those novels
      > whould have a traceable meaning (e.g. Elizabeth = the
      > Ice Queen = the Virgin Queen = Elizabeth??). But
      > Wayland is the Smith demi-God of Celtic mythology who
      > forged the sword of Magnus Maximus, and Velkonn =
      > Vulcan of course.
      > But, the one I thought tricky was the name which Aiken
      > takes when he competes in the windsurfing at the Grand
      > Tourney - 'Niccolo MacGregor'. This is way before the
      > MacGregor clan was introduced to the world, I might
      > add. Of course Dougal had told Aiken he was a sept of
      > the MacGregor clan already but unless you have read
      > the Milieu series that doesn't really mean very much.
      > And Niccolo must be a reference to Niccolo
      > Machiavelli. I can't remember where I knew that from,
      > someone on the list probably told me that the
      > inspiration for Aiken was a picture of Macciavelli
      > hanging in one of the Borgia palaces that Julian May
      > saw years and years ago. Just as the inspiration for
      > Marc was a red-haired Mephisto!!!! (we all know how I
      > feel about that!). Strange though, because from the
      > time that Aiken becomes King of the Many Coloured Land
      > May refers to him as a Mephisto, wheareas the
      > descriptions of Marc revolve around the Star of
      > Morning, Lucifer, Abaddon, the Fallen Angel, The
      > Prince (of Aquitaine, an oblique reference to his
      > Franco heritage perhaps) of the Fallen Tower etc etc.

      Plus Prometheus and King of the Stars.

      I also read that Minannon was a Celtic Sea god (the spelling is a bit
      different I think).

      High Thoughts

      - Nicolette :-)
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