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Re: [Julian-May-discuss] Re: The mars incident!!!

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  • Nicolette Lewer
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      > >Hi Andy,
      > >
      > >You lucky person! Needless to say, that book probably got
      > >
      > >High Thoughts
      > >- Nicolette :-)
      > >
      > No actually. I didn't think of it. We were too busy talking about fly
      > fishing. :)
      > I've got an autographed copy of the Pliocene companion though.
      > Come to think of it, I'll pass along the bear repellent story JM told me,
      > told to her by a fishing guide. I was designated the "Bear Bop" carrier as
      > it is a can of pepper spray the size of a small fire extinguisher. Adds a
      > little more excitement when you have to think about these things while
      > fishing in the woods.
      > A bunch of japanese tourists had been dropped into the wilderness by a
      > helicopter pilot. He handed them some bear repellent as they had none.
      > Unfortunately something got lost in the translation of how it was to be
      > used. As he took off, he looked down and saw them gaily spraying it all
      > each other and themselves, just like one would use insect repellent. He
      > quickly landed and took the ones with respiratory difficulties to
      > hospital.....
      > Regards,
      > Andy MacDonald,
      Too busy talking about fly fishing? (sighs) <grin>

      Thanks for the story. Poor tourists! Obviously whatever was in the bear
      repellent was quite strong. Hopefully the sick tourists recovered quickly
      (having asthma myself I can relate to them...)

      High Thoughts
      - Nicolette
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