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Denis' MP assay

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  • Leticia Anderson
    ... No, he was never formally assayed. Indeed, this is thought to be one of the reasons why he never acceptd the invitations to the Concilium, for acceptance
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      > Where did it say Denis was a sub-operant Paramount?
      > If I recall correctly,
      > Denis was never assayed.

      No, he was never formally assayed. Indeed, this is
      thought to be one of the
      reasons why he never acceptd the invitations to the
      Concilium, for
      acceptance would have meant full mind assay etc. But
      the powers he
      as Fury leave no doubt that within his brain lay the
      potential for a

      The only time his strength
      > was measured against a
      > known quantity (without any mucking about from Fury)
      > was when Dorothea
      > Diamond Mask attempted to redact him at that party.
      > Denis let her poke
      > around in his head a little, then proceeded to
      > gently but firmly chuck her
      > out. Keep in mind, Dorothea was even better a
      > redactor than Ti-Jean.

      Yes, so when Dorothea tells Jack on their honeymoon
      that she assayed
      him as
      a sub-oberant paramount in all five metafaculties, I
      would be happy to
      believe her.
      By sub-operant, I take it to mean that he has
      metabilities of a paramount level but can use only
      selected portions of those abilities, except under
      extraordinary mental duress (such as a split
      personality disorder). The abilties are only
      sub-operant most likely, as May says, due to personal
      hang-ups/trauma etc or because their brain was not
      trained fully when young. Denis comes under both these
      categories - he was supposedly abused as a child and
      also I don't think the flash card games Rogi played
      with him would be comparable to the sophisticated
      operancy programmes the Milieu had.

      > this episode, I've always assumed Denis was a
      > Paramount in at least 3 areas.
      > Coercion, Creativity and Redaction. It wouldn't
      > surprise me if he were
      > Paramount in all 5.

      I'm willing to accept that Denis (I would class Fury
      as a Hgh Five operant paramount) was a sub-operant
      paramount in all five-metafaculties. This doesn't mean
      that he ordinarily could use the full range indicated
      by that assay. I would guess that Denis was operant to
      a degree equivalent to a GM in coercion, fasensing and
      redaction, and a master in the other two faculties.
      But, he says in INTERVENTION that the MP assay of
      Lucille Cartier complements his extradordinarily well.
      From this we can roughly deduce Luc's and his
      metabilities. Lucille would have to have been a GM
      creator I would say, to be able to show the abilties
      she did without training (and also, severe mental
      disturbances). I think Lucille would also have been a
      very strong psychokinetic. Her psychokinesis is
      mentioned several times whereas I cannot recall a
      single mention of Denis using extensive PK.
      So, by this I would deduce it was Denis' coercion,
      farsensing and redaction (?) that were passed onto his
      descendents and Lucille's creativity and


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