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Julian May vs Stephen Hawkings, Lord of the Rings

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  • Nicolette Lewer
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      > Hi Nicolette
      > >I've always meant to read his work, though I get the feeling I may need a
      > PhD to understand it!
      > I don't have a PhD (I draw pictures for a living for Pete's sake *smile*)
      > but I do have a healthy if somewhat Startrekky interest in science. 'A
      > History of Time' is a major slog but 'Universe in a Nutshell' is
      > in easy to follow illustrations and examples that make following his
      > theorems so much easier.

      Hi Bob,

      I'll make a note to try 'Universe in a Nutshell' sometime. I've always liked
      science myself but it does help when the books have diagrams!

      > >I'm vaguely comforted by the fact that Stephen has appeared as 'himself'
      > an episode of 'Futurama' - if he has a sense of humour there may be hope
      > me to read his works yet.
      > He also appeared in The Simpsons and Star Trek the Next Generation (look
      > for repeats *smile*). He has a wicked sense of humour - especially about
      > Einstein and of course himself. For instance he relates that Einstein did
      > his best work when married to his cousin, therefore equating regular sex
      > with good science, and he tells us that Newton held the same chair as him
      > Cambridge, but Newton's wasn't electrically powered...

      Haha! I remember now when he appeared in Star Trek as well, sheesh, the guy
      gets around! <g>

      > >Hmm..does he mention if events could be altered if people travelled back
      > time? If so, would this create a parallel universe? (Are we in one now?
      > you? <g> )In JM's universe the time travel to the past by the Greenies and
      > others didn't really alter time, they just set in motion the events to
      > ensure the 'future' they came from happened in the first place (thinks
      > makes sense!).
      > Again he states quite categorically that time travel in to the past is
      > impossible from a Macro point of view and devotes a substantial amount of
      > pages to the impossibility of the 'Killing your own Grandfather' brand of
      > Sci-fi. What he does state though is that there are infinite histories,
      > where for instance Peru wins all the gold medals at the Olympics (his
      > example not mine) but we in the present can not effect those histories,
      > simply exist. So yes we are in a parallel universe, billions upon billions
      > of them in fact (no wonder I'm so tired all the time, all that travelling.
      > *grin*) The nature of those universes or existences and how many
      > there are to them and whether it is possible to travel, communicate or
      > directly interact with them is dealt with in the final chapters. If you
      > get your head around the idea of Gravity as an energy and 11 dimensional
      > reality on mulitple planes of existance (P-Branes as opposed to Pea
      > then you'll see a multitude of possibilities, where for instance in one of
      > them a small boy named Rogi has just been saved from a bear by an Family
      > Ghost...

      Interesting thought...I have heard that every time you make a choice, a
      parallel universe comes into being based on the choice you didn't make.

      > > I believe that there's life out there, but probably not to the point
      > you could point at it and say 'hey, that's something/someone I can
      > communicate with'.
      > I get the seem feeling watching pretty much any politician on the TV!

      Yes, well, they are another form of life entirely..

      Last night I saw 'Lord of the Rings' for the second time (yes, I know I
      should have seen it more than that by now <g> ). It's one of the best
      fantasy films I have ever seen. I couldn't help thinking how the books
      themselves have influenced so much fantasy literature (most of it crap) over
      the years, including JM's books. I'll take the chance to start a new thread
      by saying how much do you think the Saga of the Exiles has been influenced
      by Lord of the Rings? I'll make the point that both works seem to dwell on
      people being obsessed with gold jewellery...

      Thoughts anyone?

      High Thoughts

      - Nicolette :-)
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