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4410RE: The Intervention began yesterday.

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  • checkboard1
    Sep 24, 2013

       I love Maine Coon cats - short hairs are more practical though.

      (N.B. - I don't have a cat... or a dog. Being a self-confessed 46 yo Sci-Fi fan is bad enough, without telling  people I am some sort of cat fan as well !)

      ---In julian-may-discuss@yahoogroups.com, <ogbo1@...> wrote:

      Hi there all,

      it's funny that a few years back a friend of mine was contemplating buying a Maine Coon cat here in Australia  - a rare breed downunder.

      I quickly reminded him that such cats are highly telepathic and would mentally hassle him for treats all the time.

      He looked at me quizzically until I reminded him of Julian May's work (some of which he remembered...) and explained the reference.

      I don't think he ever bought that Maine Coon cat after my warning ;-)

      I'm sure that Uncle Rogi's Marcel would have had his own popular YouTube channel by now.

      We just got a new dodgy government here in Australia. I would welcome our new Simbari overlords at this time.

      Cheers all ...

      -- Stephen (Wollongong, Australia)

      I wonder what the 'Milieu' books would have been like if the Internet or Twitter was around... now I have images of Uncle Rogi grumbling about being distracted by another cat video on Youtube. Heh.


      High Thoughts,


      - Mod Mom #2 

      --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, <julian-may-discuss@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      It was interesting seeing the technology Julian May was predicting (from 1987) :)

      We don't have roads with embedded navigation strips, self-driving Ferraris or X-wing helicopters.

      We do have iPads (made in China) and Kindle e-readers taking over the book market :)

      The Soviet Union was dissolved peacefully in 1991 - not by insurrection in 2012 :)

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