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4366Re: [Julian-May-discuss] Re: Exiles and Milieu ebooks?

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  • Nell
    Apr 11, 2012
      My granny introduced me when I was about 11! Scared me silly! 
      Only the English editions so decent covers and a couple of first editions that are a little worse for wear but they are my treasures! 

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      On 11 Apr 2012, at 18:36, Anthony Amenta <awabooks@...> wrote:


      Ghastly US covers indeed! ;-)

      Those scenes of the annual games, the flying hunt, Aiken on chalicko-back, and Marc's shimmering black shell... why you'd almost think Michael Whelan perused the books :-)

      I discovered J May in the '80s as well, in of all places, a small University store with little space devoted to such treasures...  I daresay that if it weren't for that wonderful Whelan cover, it would likely have been many more years before I discovered her wonderful worlds.

      I'm no authority on publishing history, but even though the PC wasn't "too personal" yet, I believe most (bigger anyway) publishers had specialized, computerized publishing systems by the 80s. Note that the "back bone" language of the Internet, HTML, was derived from SGML, a mark-up language with a long history w/ book publishers...which I just learned was derived from GML...created by... IBM** (of course). I think if Pan were hand-setting your books, they'd have been  reeeeallly expensive ;-)

      All the Best, -Anthony

      ** I'd "love to love" IBM more, but my recent discovery of their hi-tech "relationship" with Germany in the 30s & 40s, and their refusal TO THIS DAY to co-operate with any Eugenics research, kinda grinds my gears. Over 500,000 Yanks & Brits paid the ultimate price, in some part due to IBM's & similar "big business" hubris. I wish J May had worked it into her tales; with her lifetime of encyclopedic research & knowledge, I'm certain she was aware. 60,000+ U.S. Citizens coercively sterilized...and that's just what we know "for sure." What a species (May did comment well on THAT in Intervention :-)

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      From: ultan01
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      Subject: [Julian-May-discuss] Re: Exiles and Milieu ebooks?


      Well the copies I would have read in the 80s were probably typeset by hand by the British publisher (remember that desktop computers came along after Milieu was written), so probably had British spellings of things like "colour" - if somebody is setting it anyway, they might as well...

      And no offence, but I can't believe those ghastly US covers ever sold any copies! The blue UK covers from Pan were much cooler.... ;)

      --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, Anthony Amenta <awabooks@...> wrote:
      > It's sad to think that the "eBook source text" might not have come from the "final" printed editions; as nebulous a term as that now is...
      > I've never looked at any of the printed "British English" editions of these books (no offense, but the cover art, compared to the "original" Michael Whelan covers of the initial softcover editions here in the States, was pretty scary ;-).
      > When they released British editions, did software/proofreaders comb through, and change "color" to "colour," "center" to "centre," "truck" to "lorry," etc? Sounds like a lot of work... :-(
      > Kind of too bad Italian wasn't the language "winner": Only completely phoenetic language (no "to, two & too") with a "pure" Roman alphabet (no accents/symbols).
      > Oo velll... :-)
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      > From: ultan01
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      > Subject: [Julian-May-discuss] Re: Exiles and Milieu ebooks?
      > Am I correct in spotting that these are now available in the US kindle store? I can't buy them but some of the reviews suggest they're very badly proof read.... a bit like the pirate versions...

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