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4144Re: [Julian-May-discuss] Re: Felice and the Many-in-All

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  • Padraig Timmins
    Sep 15, 2008

      I would agree that the two in one is Brede and Elizabeth.  I don't recall the specifics so can't comment on the 'altruism' of them, but don't see recall a reason why the many in all can't be the rebel kids, and it could be the Firvulag too, who also possessed limited skill in meta-concerts, even if they were reluctant to use them before Sharn and Ayfa took over.  And there is NO doubt that it is Marc who helped Felce with the final blast of Gibraltar.  I am sure he even admits to it, and Elizabeth is sure too.


      As for the Lylmik as a possible explanation for the many-in-all, this is a TOTAL non-starter.  The Lylmik did not exists in the Pliocene Galaxy.  There is nothing to suggest they do, and there are specific statement by Atoning Unifix himself to say they didn't!


      At the start of Diamond Mask, Atoning Unifix tells Rogi the following: 


           When the Duat work was done, Elizabeth was weary and ready to

      pass on. She begged me to follow her into the peace and light of

      the Cosmic All ... but I could not.

           Instead, I felt compelled to return here. Alone, cut off from every

      mind that had loved me and from the consoling Unity I had known in

      Duat, I undertook what I judged was my true penance: to assist the

      maturation of our own Galactic Mind.

           Through years that seemed without end I guided one promising

      planet after another, cajoling civilization from barbarism, altruism

      from savagery. Of course I could not truly coerce the developing

      races of the Milky Way. I only assisted the inevitable complexification

      of the World Mind that accompanies life's evolution.

           I made many ghastly mistakes.

           Can you conceive of the doubts that assailed me, Rogi, the fear

      that I might have succumbed to a hubris even more immense than

      that which originally obsessed me? No ... I see that you can't

      understand. Never mind, mon oncle. Only believe me. It was a

      terrible time. Le bon dieu is as silent and invisible to the likes of

      me as he is to any other material being. I could not help but ask

      myself if I was committing a fresh sin of pride in thinking that my

      assistance was needed.

           Was I helping the Galactic Mind, or merely meddling with

      evolution again, as I had been when I tried to engender Mental


           Our galaxy has so many planets with thinking creatures! Yet so

      few—so pathetically few!—ever achieved any sort of social or

      mental maturity under my guidance, much less the coadunation

      of the higher mindpowers that leads to Unity. But finally, perhaps

      in spite of my efforts rather than as a result of them, I found success.

      The Lylmik were the first minds to Unify, and I adopted their peculiar

      race as my own. Then, aeons later, the Krondaku also achieved



      Paragraph 2 above clearly states AU was CUT OFF from all the minds of Duat.  The final paragraph clearly states that the Lylmik achieved co-ordinance with AU's aid and the use of the term 'finally' and the suggesting that he made so many prior attempts with other civilisations suggest that it was a long time after his return before even the Lylmik managed to pull their socks up.


      The Lylmik were simply not around in the Pliocene for Marc to contact and the comments of their sun being different is a TOTAL red herring.







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