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4141Re: Felice and the Many-in-All

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  • Michelle Rose
    Sep 13, 2008
      My dear Oliver:
      A most cogent analysis and one with which I quite agree. The
      'two-in-one' is undoubtedly Brede and Elizabeth. Additionally, it is
      quite unreasonable to expect, as you said, that the Children of the
      Rebels would display anything resembling the altruism ethic that was
      imparted to their parents.

      'So much further out'. Interesting. I'd missed that reference.
      It DOES make one wonder. Lylmik, perhaps? We know that they existed
      in the Pliocene Galaxy, Marc simply never found them, partly because
      their sun did not register the same spectral signature it did in the
      time of the Milieu. Curious. And curiously compelling. Ah well, just
      another reason to re-read the series. You can imagine my dismay.

      --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, "Oliver
      Mundy" <oliver.mundy@...> wrote:
      > Thank you, Michelle, for your comments.
      > In the passage in 'The Golden Torc', we find Felice
      appealing to three potential sources of strength: 'the two-in-One',
      who are now 'oddly separate' and so unavailable (clearly Elizabeth
      and Brede); 'the many-in-All so much further out' who had helped her
      before, but who now refuse their aid and 'try to show her other
      ways'; and a new focus from the west, 'so bright, so early-rising',
      which does reinforce her final blast. (This sounds like Marc, and
      probably - I would agree - Marc in isolation rather than as part of
      any metaconcert, since the curious description [dawn coming from the
      *West*?] prefigures the attribute 'star of morning' which is applied
      to him personally later on.) This does leave room, as you suggest,
      for identifying the many-in-All with the amateur metaconcert of the
      second-generation Ocalans. But is the altruism and non-violence
      which is implicit in the behaviour of the many-in-All, really in
      character for these young Rebels? Most of those whom we meet
      afterwards seem quite capable of (as Kuhal puts it later in the
      conversation which you have quoted) letting the water into the ants'
      nest, just to watch the fun; perhaps Cloud might hold back for
      reasons of conscience and humanity, but can you imagine Hagen, for
      example, or Vaughn Jarrow, or even the rational but decidely chilly
      Elaby Gathen, doing so? This is the consideration which makes me
      continue feel that something of a higher and in every sense remoter
      nature ('so much further out') must be involved.
      > Well, as you say, we can do no more than speculate - and be
      grateful to JM, mere 'entertainer' though she professes to be, for
      giving us so much to speculate about.
      > Oliver Mundy.
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