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4125Re: Aiken Redux

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  • alixnc
    Jul 16, 2008
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      --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, "newbobble" <me@...> wrote:
      > Well my own research turned up the first complete reference, i.e.
      > names instead of one in the ''The Brownie Of Blednoch'' by William
      > Nicholson (the Bard of Galway) which was first published in the
      > Dumfries Magazine in 1825.
      > Before that the name aikendrum, all one word, as you've noted is
      > out as an exultation in "Will Ye Go to Sheriffmuir" which was
      > in 1715, which has led to some speculation that this was a Jocobite
      > song.

      Bob ...

      Belated thanks on the Aiken Drum references ... but I think I recall
      that "Will Ye Go To Sheriffmuir" is in one of the James
      Hogg "collections" and thus highly suspect, since Hogg apparently was
      fond of writing "historical" songs from scratch -- some charming
      stuff, but none too convincing at times. I'm willing -- nay, eager --
      to stand corrected on this if someone can produce a primary source.

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