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  • alixnc
    Feb 9, 2008
      --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, Padraig Timmins
      <timmypaddins@...> wrote:

      Dougal serves in the Saga chiefly as bard and chronicler (however
      buffoonish at times). His function as slightly tarnished guardian
      angel to Aiken places him as a keeper of the MacGregor legacy, and
      more generally of the spirit of the Scots within the larger British
      tradition. He is certainly not Unifex, but if one steps out of the
      frame and looks for archetypes (as per JM's instructions), one finds a
      rather Unifex-like character - not the father of Unity, but the father
      of the novel, Sir Walter Scott.
      > 5) Just who the fe'k is Dougal!!?
      > He wasn’t Atoning Unifix! He was just some bloke, as JM said. An
      interesting one sure, but still just some mad bloke.
      > Cheers
      > Padster
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