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4052Re: Off Topic, or Just a Bit Off?

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  • Robert Powell
    Jun 22, 2007

      > Who was that other fellow that intimated life is a dream? Plato,
      > wasn't it?

      Now see I never could relate to Ancient Greek Philosophy. Plato and
      Aristotle were – to me at least - just propagators of earlier myths
      and their thoughts, although forming a basis for the evolution of the
      more complex Existentialists in later years, were too simplistic and
      belaboured in poetic imagery for me to adopt personally.

      > I didn't judge the ending a copout, even though I, too, hated it. I
      > think King's pertinent point here is about those who do not learn
      > from history being condemned to repeat it.

      Trite and clichéd – I expect better from King, especially when he is
      not in `Horror Mode'. I can't remember the last time I was so
      disappointed in a series of books ending – possible exception of Dune,
      which despite reading the `Road to Dune', I can't buy into, possibly
      because the last book(s) really lack Frank Herbert's power of
      narrative and character but more likely because they've changed the
      characters and details of what has gone before.

      > One final note on the death of the patriarchy theme: This is NOT a
      > question of patriarchy versus matriarchy, nor any form of feminist
      > rant.

      Listen everybody that swooshing noise you hear is the sound of Alix
      back-peddling really really really fast. *grin*

      I kid, I kid. I kid because I love :-)

      > It is much more a socioeconomic question -- and political, too,
      > of course, the whacked-out fundamentalist authoritarianism of today
      > being nastier even than that of the Christian Inquisitions

      Debatable – but not by me. I'm largely in agreement that Religions –
      of all denominations and belief - and Authority are concepts best kept
      well apart!

      > -- dealing
      > with the inadequacies of local political structure in coping with
      > our grievously overcrowded global village.

      Let's not forget The Milieu is not always a benevolent structure
      itself: The death penalty is still in place, heavy-handed Sim.
      Proctorship, Birth Restrictions, seperation by "ethnic dynanism" all
      of which, and more, were part of the reason for the Exiles leaving for
      the MCL in the first place. Yet don't forget when they got there, they
      found enslavement and violence governed (small g) by religious belief.

      Far from being the death of Authority the stories tell us that
      Authority by the few over the many will always prevail.

      > (Shouldn't there be a joke about
      > Papa Ratzy and the paparazzi in there somewhere?) Oh well ...

      No, no there shouldn't . . . and thank you for not adding one. :-)

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