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4051Re: Off Topic, or Just a Bit Off?

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  • alixnc
    Jun 20, 2007
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      --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Powell" <pallol@...>
      > P.S. <rant> Stephen King's The Dark Tower - cop-out ending!!!! Hated
      > it. you might as well as have Roland wake up and say 'It was all a
      > dream . . .'</rant>

      Who was that other fellow that intimated life is a dream? Plato, wasn't
      it? I didn't judge the ending a copout, even though I, too, hated it. I
      think King's pertinent point here is about those who do not learn from
      history being condemned to repeat it.
      One final note on the death of the patriarchy theme: This is NOT a
      question of patriarchy versus matriarchy, nor any form of feminist
      rant. It is much more a socioeconomic question -- and political, too,
      of course, the whacked-out fundamentalist authoritarianism of today
      being nastier even than that of the Christian Inquisitions -- dealing
      with the inadequacies of local political structure in coping with our
      grievously overcrowded global village. (Shouldn't there be a joke about
      Papa Ratzy and the paparazzi in there somewhere?) Oh well ...

      Still persisting,
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