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4040Re: Off Topic, or Just a Bit Off?

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  • Robert Powell
    Jun 11, 2007
      Hi Alix

      Never been able to plow through Rushdie's works - I'm developing an
      aversion to anything that even slightly smacks of religion nowadays,
      I think it's something to do with choking in laughter while reading
      some Intelligent Design literature - Michael Behe and the Discovery
      Institute, gotta love those jokers! :-) - so can't argue that one
      with you.

      I can however argue that JM didn't "give(s) us a world in which we
      have been rescued from the endgames of the patriarchy by the
      Intervention". Quite the opposite in fact, only the more fanatical
      aspects of your own named patriarchy's ethos were banned. (Though
      I'm with Richard Dawkins - on this if little else - in believing
      that accepted religious practices such as afflicting small children
      with concepts of torture and suffering to show Hell should equate to
      child abuse.) In fact JM shows a very lenient attitude to this
      patriarchy - even cleaning up the Holy Land after those pesky
      jihadists nuked it - Catholicism in particular comes off quite
      lightly and the Tanu/Firvulag faith remains unassailed even with a
      human on the throne.

      Beyond the islam/judeo/christian religious patriarchy and the socio-
      political climate they induce, the fact remains that despite major
      challenges - e.g. Marc's rebellion or the appearance of The
      Adversary - the structures of oversight, such as the
      military/policing and officialdom and the Governments/ruling class
      of both the Mileu and TMCL themselves remain in essence unchanged.

      The Patriarchy - even in its most non-phalocentric definition - of
      the ruling class, may evolve but it doesn't die.


      --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, "alixnc" <alixnc@...>
      > Thanks Nicolette, for your generous (and possibly foolhardy)
      > invitation to hold forth, and since I have an unexpected half hour
      > kill ...
      > --- In Julian-May-discuss@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Powell"
      > <pallol@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I've never really seen the series as being about the death of
      > > patriarchy
      > Perhaps I was not careful enough about specifics. I meant The
      > Patriarchy originating in character and structure with those
      > ethnicities who originally frequented the Fertile Crescent --
      > the Judeo-Christian and Muslim (chiefly) sociopolitical structure
      > whose less attractive authoritarian tendencies have gotten us into
      > much trouble over the last two millenia.
      > Rushdie was quite specific about the total craziness of
      > fundamentalist theocrats, yes, but he also put the question in its
      > proper setting of cross-cultural conflict, and set a whole array
      > troubling avatars like jewels in a rich and troubling tapestry. In
      > the end, those who assimilate are those who survive sane. He quite
      > literally became a prophet without honor in much of his own
      > JM gives us a world in which we have been rescued from the
      > of the patriarchy by the Intervention, though let us not forget
      > the post-Rebellion Marc has been its principal engineer. There
      > for instance, be no Anne Remillard, S.J., with the patriarchy as
      > know it today still in place. We certainly get enough echoes of
      > human and Tanu patriarchy, but that is more time than I have.
      > For those who have not read the Dark Tower series ... oh my, there
      > every form of monster and betrayal and holocaust imaginable on the
      > way to securing the failing fabric of Time itself, of forestalling
      > total chaos. It is a post-apocalyptic world, and the apocalypse
      > repeating itself in a thousand exceedingly nasty ways. I mean,
      > start a nice little war in the Middle East or something so we can
      > away from all these overnuked landscapes and ...
      > Oops, time to make a dash for the bus.
      > Still persisting
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