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  • Maurice Thomas
    Dec 3, 2005
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      Hi, Thoughtsters,

      A lot of the recent typage appears to have dealt with whether or not
      someone or someone else was right about Fury - and I've been the daft
      monkey saying that it was the author that was wrong. I do it a lot. I
      think C.S.Lewis was wrong to suggest that wearing makeup and having sex
      would stop you from going to heaven; I think Stephen Donaldson was wrong
      to write so many extraordinarily boring books.

      In short, I am a contentious little shit.

      However, on the issue of Fury, I really think I need to re-state my
      case. In terms of script, of pace, and of a huge number of thematic
      reasons, it would have been better if the Carbuncle had contained

      1). Humanity infected the past with itself. This ultimately resulted
      in symbolic evil harder than diamond (the Carbuncle was harder than 10
      on Moh's scale). This is what happens if humanity tries to abrogate its
      responsibility for criminality. Simple, visual, pivot to the story, and
      a very common theme - careful what you discard. By sending undesirables
      to the past, humanity affected its future.
      2). Marc tried to destroy EVERYTHING. He and Felice are identically
      guilty after she tried to take the entire Tanu Race - though Cullucket
      as a bit of a pervert is nowhere near as guilty. Felice's atonement is
      to spend six million years with Cullucket; Marc's is to spend a large
      percentage of that time with Elizabeth. Proust has much to say about
      spending eternity with one's friends - imagine that, but with tedious
      people like Cullucket and Elizabeth instead.
      3). By the time we get to 20XX, Marc still hasn't learnt his lesson. He
      is still this ghastly, bossy, Conservative (deliberate large C), who
      seems to be on course to manipulate reality such that he can become god
      of it. Apparently benevolent - but so is the Jewish JAHWEH until he
      invites Abraham to slit Isaac's throat. Abusers of power, both.
      4). Since the story contains a fake GOD, surely to goodness it must
      contain a fake SATAN?
      5). The circularity of the story is obvious and repeatedly mentioned.
      The magic door to the past; the Ourobouros of the Tanu/Fivulag
      tournament; the mysterious immortality of Marc Remillard. Felice was
      clearly conferred the same immortality when imprisoned - but like many
      comic book villains, the author tried to avoid using her again, despite
      the fact that the fans told her that Felice was eminently re-usable.
      Joss Whedon got it - and Faith is clear evidence of that re-use.
      6). "Denis whilst he is asleep" is relatively jolly as a solution, but
      a vastly better solution would have been to have "Denis posessed
      directly by Felice/Cullucket via the conduit of the Great Carbuncle".
      7) The Great Carbuncle would have been an artifact - the most powerful
      psychic amplifier known to man - and thus the basic maguffin for Rogi to
      be able to kick a lot of arse, for Marc to be in touch so frequently
      (because Felice regards Marc as the new "torturer") and for all the
      existing resolutions to take place.

      We will never know whether JM read fan fic stories we all wrote whilst
      waiting for Magnificat, and then changed the story. I hope she didn't,
      but I'm prepared to stick to my guns and say that I think it would have
      been better had she done so.

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