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  • Werner Peeters
    Mar 5, 2001
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      On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Leticia Anderson wrote:
      > Another challenge out there....were the Dutch covers there the ones
      > you have?

      I have the Dutch covers, yet. I remember seeing the covers I originally
      meant some time ago in a English import book store in Antwerp, but they
      were a little expensive, considering I have all of them already in
      translation. But when I see them again I shall write down the ISBN number
      and the publisher.

      > > that this F.U.R.Y acronym (I think somewhere at the end of Jack) was
      > > untranslated in the Dutch copy, since it's appartently
      > untranslatable :-)
      > Acronym?

      Yes, there was some scene (don't ask me where exactly) when the
      authorities are looking for Fury, and stumble in their investigations upon
      some bogus company of which the name starts with F, U, R and Y...

      > Dr of mathematics? Do you have any insights into concepts like dynamic
      > field physics or any other 'mathematical' concepts? I know Ms May has
      > said she is just waiting for someone out there to go and prove her
      > concepts, or at least explain them techinally, she herself being dumb
      > and blind to maths and physics apparent

      I'm more of a researcher in things like fuzzy control and general
      topology, but I've had my share of dynamical systems theory in my courses.
      Regrettably, I must inform you that no evidence whatsoever substantiates
      Mrs. Mays theories (although they are remarkably coherent for a SF novel).
      I think they shall remain a fantasy for the next few hundred years. Of
      course you never know, but there is pretty hard evidence against phenomena
      such as time traveling and psychokinetics. In the mind of serious
      scientists spottings of paranormal phenomena are often met with great
      skepticism, and there are even scientific groups here in Belgium who have
      offered a big cash reward to anyone who could prove the existence of such
      phenomena to them. Needless to say, they haven't had to pay anything yet.

      It still remains great reading material though, and the escapism is what
      draws scientists towards these books. I know of at least one colleage
      having read the Exiles and Milieu books, and a former colleague who
      moreover read the Trillium series.

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