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  • Leticia Anderson
    Mar 4, 2001
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      --- In Julian-May-discuss@y..., Werner Peeters <wpeeters@r...> wrote:
      > I think the book I saw back then was an English translation though.
      It's a
      > little bit long ago, but I looked through the covers section on the
      > page and they were not among them. So there exists at least one more
      > of covers for the Exiles series.

      Another challenge out there....were the Dutch covers there the ones
      you have?

      > that this F.U.R.Y acronym (I think somewhere at the end of Jack) was
      > untranslated in the Dutch copy, since it's appartently
      untranslatable :-)


      > dr Werner Peeters - RUCA Dept. of Mathematics Off # U529

      Dr of mathematics? Do you have any insights into concepts like dynamic
      field physics or any other 'mathematical' concepts? I know Ms May has
      said she is just waiting for someone out there to go and prove her
      concepts, or at least explain them techinally, she herself being dumb
      and blind to maths and physics apparent
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