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3407RE: [Julian-May-discuss] Completely off topic and of interest to those in the southern hemisphere only

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  • Mike Vallender
    Jul 8, 2004

      Yes I do live in Melbourne, although I was born in England; and like another
      member, I am grateful my parents spent the 10 quid in the 70's and came to
      the land down under.

      I have pretty much seen all of Oz, and feel it is a great place.

      Our politics is pretty mild over here, blind Freddy could manage this
      economy. We have so many natural resources, and everything else, Oz will be
      a great place to live for a long time.

      The only advantage I could see living in the UK, would be the close
      proximity to the rest of Europe, Australia is a long way from any where,
      except NZ that is ;-)



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      those in the southern hemisphere only

      Hey Mike

      You don't live in Melbourne by any chance do ya?!
      I was probably a bit short with Melb but if I
      had spouted on any further my email would have
      been even longer. I have been to Melbourne and
      it has its similarities to Wellington I think
      (although Wgn would never reach 40 deg). I agree
      its a pretty nice spot, you have to admit though
      the climate is VERY changeable.


      --- Mike Vallender <mike@...> wrote: >
      Hey all,
      > When AM says: "Melbourne's climate can be
      > freezing one day and over 40 the
      > Next", that is being a bit harsh.
      > Melbourne was voted the most liveable city in
      > the world, and that was partly
      > due to its weather.
      > Now I am not trying to push Melbourne over
      > anywhere else, I am just pointing
      > out that it is the best place anyone can live!
      > Bob here is a site for you to check out:
      > www.seek.com.au
      > there is an IT section, you can put your CV on
      > it, and see if you get any
      > bites, there are others, but this is the best.
      > Good luck mate (you will have to get used of
      > that)
      > To get a glimse of Melbourne read:
      > www.theage.com.au
      > Cheers
      > Mike

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