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340Re: [Julian-May-discuss] New members

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  • Avalon Myst
    Mar 2, 2001
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      --- Leticia Anderson <leda_au@...> wrote: >

      > Yes the description would go something like
      > 'scruffy
      > middle aged beanpole with visible signs of long
      > term
      > alcohol abuse'.
      > I must admit it is a hard role to fill. I think
      > Inspector Morse's eyes would be too piercing
      > coercor
      > blue for Rogi too!
      > Anyone got any other suggestions. For some
      > reason
      > Bryan Brown is springing to mind which is
      > extremely
      > scary!

      Hmmm - get rid of the accent and it could be a
      possibility (eeek!)


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