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3393Re: [Julian-May-discuss] Completely off topic and of interest to those in the southern hemisphere only

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  • Nicolette Lewer
    Jul 4, 2004
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      Hiya Bob,

      It's good to see you have the photos back <g> - I'm not 100% sure if you can post the
      photos on the site, but you're welcome to try. If you have trouble then send them to me
      and I will see what I can do.....

      Naturally I'm delighted to hear you are both thinking of emigrating Down Under - hey, it's
      not every country that can claim Antartica as a close neighbour <g>.

      However, while I would like to say New Zealand is a great place for IT jobs, it is quite
      common to hear of IT people here going to England because of the better pay.......

      High Thoughts
      - Nicolette :-)

      On 2 Jul 2004 at 13:38, Robert Powell wrote:

      > Clare - my beloved - has been working on me for about 12 months to
      > emigrate. Personally I like Britain - unfashionable I know, but
      > there it is - but she does make some good arguments.
      > Hell I wouldn't of married her if she couldn't argue eloquently and
      > positively!
      > Well the upshot is that we are considering both Australia and New
      > Zealand, we've got enough 'points', at least on paper, to do either.
      > So my question is, which would offer the better chances to an IT
      > based couple, in both work opportunities and standard of leaving. I
      > know given the criminal and evil exchange rates that we'd be able to
      > bring the best part of $200K NZ dollar with us, which is a bonus
      > obviously but where would be the better place to investigate first.
      > Complete cheek I know and fully expect Leda and Nic to come out
      > fighting but enquiring minds need to know...
      > regards
      > Bob and Clare
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