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3391RE: [Julian-May-discuss] Completely off topic and of interest to those in the southern hemisphere only

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  • Mike Vallender
    Jul 3, 2004
      Hey Bob,

      ICT in Australia has had a lean couple of years, but starting to pick up. I
      am not sure about NZ.

      I think you would be hard pressed to find a better place to live than
      anywhere in Australia, I am pretty sure we have a lot more NZ people coming
      to Oz than the other way round (that ought to start things off).



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      Subject: [Julian-May-discuss] Completely off topic and of interest to those
      in the southern hemisphere only

      Clare - my beloved - has been working on me for about 12 months to
      emigrate. Personally I like Britain - unfashionable I know, but
      there it is - but she does make some good arguments.

      Hell I wouldn't of married her if she couldn't argue eloquently and

      Well the upshot is that we are considering both Australia and New
      Zealand, we've got enough 'points', at least on paper, to do either.
      So my question is, which would offer the better chances to an IT
      based couple, in both work opportunities and standard of leaving. I
      know given the criminal and evil exchange rates that we'd be able to
      bring the best part of $200K NZ dollar with us, which is a bonus
      obviously but where would be the better place to investigate first.

      Complete cheek I know and fully expect Leda and Nic to come out
      fighting but enquiring minds need to know...


      Bob and Clare

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