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3388Re: Return from Kauai *sigh*

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  • Robert Powell
    Jul 2, 2004
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      Sweet mother of god that's cruel - did nobody remind him that
      Fletcher Christian visted those isles!

      Dammit I'd of made certain that the VHS or DVD of Mutiny on the
      Bounty was left on his desk anonymously every day until the beggar
      put in to Pearl Harbour at least!

      ("well shipmates, see where we will be going NEXT trip?") You could
      see the bikini-laden beaches without binoculars quite clearly.
      Sailors were thereatening to dive overboard and swim for shore! It
      was just another reason that Capt. J.T. Kelly ( Lt. Commander
      actually) was well and truely hated by all who served under him.
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