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  • Werner Peeters
    Mar 2, 2001
      On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Leticia Anderson wrote:
      > Hey Werner good to have you on board....we all love
      > the Russian cover art which Elena so generously
      > scanned in!

      Hi Leticia,

      I think the book I saw back then was an English translation though. It's a
      little bit long ago, but I looked through the covers section on the Yahoo
      page and they were not among them. So there exists at least one more set
      of covers for the Exiles series.

      > She is living in Russia at present and has
      > the distinction of having read the sagas in both
      > English and Russian while Senda has read them in
      > English and Spanish...anyone else read the sagas in
      > more than one language? We have had a few discussions
      > on translation which were interesting.

      I read the books in Dutch and my nephew read them (the Milieu trilogy at
      least) in English. I had the occasion to browse through his copy, and I
      didn't notice any substantial differences; the only remarkable thing is
      that this F.U.R.Y acronym (I think somewhere at the end of Jack) was
      untranslated in the Dutch copy, since it's appartently untranslatable :-)

      > Have you read the Orion arm trilogy and the trillium
      > series/ What did you think?

      The third part of the Orion arm triliogy has not been issued here yet; I
      liked the two first books though, but since there was quite some time
      between me reading the first and the second one, I had troubles getting
      into the story again. I think I'll re-read them, but I'm waiting for #3,
      because I'm not going to re-re-read them!

      As for the trillium series, I have all five books (the original and the
      four sequels, two of which by May). I thought Blood Trillium was pretty
      neat, a great sequel to the original. May is at her best when she creates
      a world of rivalling factions, and I think the book has added to the
      credibility of the series, unlike the Norton sequel, which is highly
      contradictive to May's work. Sky Trillium was a bit of a disappointment
      though, I really hoped for a great finale instead of Orogastus' remorse.

      > Julian May has been the gateway to so many things for
      > me. I remember reading her when I was young just going
      > 'Where do I go to meet people who have read things
      > like this or think like this?'. A couple of years
      > later I thought it was uni but I don;t think I was
      > entirely correct in that assumption *g*!
      > As for other sci-fi I started on Julian May through
      > MZB, I'd seen her name as a co-writer with Bradley on
      > the Trillium series. Although I am still a devoted MZB
      > fan I still think I feel that May surpasses her and
      > most other authors!!

      I think that only Jordan, Martin and Kay are playing in the same league. I
      mean, one book is better than the others, and I really can't make a
      ranking. I like for instance Jordan's Fires of Heaven above, say,
      Magnificat, but on the other hand a book like Intervention beats any
      Jordan novel without competition. I'm just attracted to books which have a
      map with a non-existing country in one of the front pages (the first
      fantasy I read was, of course, Tolkien), but what kindled my interest in
      May's work in the first place was that the map was the pliocene Europe.

      > > About bringing the works of Mrs. Majewski
      > Nice work, you've obviously done your homework LOL

      Thank you

      > Ha ha have you seen Kevin Smith's film 'Dogma'? Matt
      > Damon plays a fallen archangel called Loki, who finds
      > a loophole in catechism which allows him to slip back
      > unannounced into heaven (with the unfortunate side
      > effect of mass carnage). There is a great scene set in
      > a car park where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have a
      > major altercation, and Ben ends up turning on Matt
      > saying 'I've heard that rant before!' Matt looks all
      > innocent but Ben continues 'I've heard that rant
      > before! The Star of Morning -' and the absolutely evil
      > turn that Matt takes is very Marc, The Angel of the
      > Abyss-like.
      > Nevertheless I don;t know about Matt as Marc even if
      > he does do a convincing evil Angel? He doesn't really
      > have the physique ha ha

      I was more thinking of his destructive genius- style like in, say, The
      Talented Mr Ripley or Good Will Hunting... but I can picture him being
      Marc, no problem. About John Thaw being too old, I always imagined
      Rogatien being of about his age. I know his genes stopped aging at a
      certain moment, but I remember him stating something like that the process
      started later with him than for instance with Denis, and him being the
      oldest surviving member of the family would require an experienced and not
      too young actor.

      Whom would you cast as Felice?

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