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  • Leticia Anderson
    Mar 1, 2001
      > Okay, I'll jump in.
      > I'm Werner Peeters, I'm 29 and I'm from Belgium. My
      > first encounter with
      > Julian May books was during a trip to Russia in the
      > late '80's, where
      > these books with their attractable covers (you know,
      > the snake, the skull
      > etc.) were on display in one of the tourist shops.

      Hey Werner good to have you on board....we all love
      the Russian cover art which Elena so generously
      scanned in! She is living in Russia at present and has
      the distinction of having read the sagas in both
      English and Russian while Senda has read them in
      English and Spanish...anyone else read the sagas in
      more than one language? We have had a few discussions
      on translation which were interesting.

      I've been
      > buying all newer works
      > since.

      Have you read the Orion arm trilogy and the trillium
      series/ What did you think?

      > Julian May was also for me the gateway to a bunch of
      > other authors in
      > whose work I've become interested, just because
      > their books are edited by
      > the same publisher, or at least are on display next
      > to each other in most
      > stores. Some names: Zelazny, Martin, Jordan, Kay,
      > Bradley... I really
      > cannot recall them all.

      Julian May has been the gateway to so many things for
      me. I remember reading her when I was young just going
      'Where do I go to meet people who have read things
      like this or think like this?'. A couple of years
      later I thought it was uni but I don;t think I was
      entirely correct in that assumption *g*!
      As for other sci-fi I started on Julian May through
      MZB, I'd seen her name as a co-writer with Bradley on
      the Trillium series. Although I am still a devoted MZB
      fan I still think I feel that May surpasses her and
      most other authors!!

      > About bringing the works of Mrs. Majewski

      Nice work, you've obviously done your homework LOL
      to the big
      > screen: would the
      > British actor John Thaw (a.k.a. Inspector Morse) not
      > be the perfect
      > Rogatien? Just wondering... I also would pick Matt
      > Damon as a younger
      > Marc.

      Ha ha have you seen Kevin Smith's film 'Dogma'? Matt
      Damon plays a fallen archangel called Loki, who finds
      a loophole in catechism which allows him to slip back
      unannounced into heaven (with the unfortunate side
      effect of mass carnage). There is a great scene set in
      a car park where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have a
      major altercation, and Ben ends up turning on Matt
      saying 'I've heard that rant before!' Matt looks all
      innocent but Ben continues 'I've heard that rant
      before! The Star of Morning -' and the absolutely evil
      turn that Matt takes is very Marc, The Angel of the
      Nevertheless I don;t know about Matt as Marc even if
      he does do a convincing evil Angel? He doesn't really
      have the physique ha ha


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