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  • Unifex
    Mar 1, 2001
      On Thu, 1 Mar 2001 11:10:07 +0100 (MET), Werner Peeters wrote:

      > About bringing the works of Mrs. Majewski to the big screen: would the
      > British actor John Thaw (a.k.a. Inspector Morse) not be the perfect
      > Rogatien? Just wondering... I also would pick Matt Damon as a younger
      > Marc.

      Leda also mentioned Ian Holm had been a past suggestion for Rogatien, but
      I think Holm and Thaw are both too old. Rogi, once matured, stopped aging
      when he became middle aged - I can't remember the exact age but I'm sure
      May mentioned mid-40s. Holm and Thaw are both 60+ years old.. Another
      thing mentioned was his height, he's quite tall - near 6ft I think. Just
      a couple of factors I thought were worth mentioning..

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