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329Re: [Julian-May-discuss] New members

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  • Werner Peeters
    Mar 1, 2001
      On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Leticia Anderson wrote:

      > Just a quick welcome note to new members - there were four or five new
      > join ups last nite. Please feel free to jump in and introduce yourself
      > or lurk until comfortable!
      > Also, just to let everyone know Amanda has unsubscribed.....*cry*
      > Oh well, lets just see what else happens!

      Okay, I'll jump in.
      I'm Werner Peeters, I'm 29 and I'm from Belgium. My first encounter with
      Julian May books was during a trip to Russia in the late '80's, where
      these books with their attractable covers (you know, the snake, the skull
      etc.) were on display in one of the tourist shops. Unfortunately, they
      were to be paid in Western valuta only, making their price outrageously
      high. When I returned to Belgium, the first thing I did was to visit my
      local library, and they even turned out to have a translation in Dutch.
      After reading them (being a slow but thourough reader the books took me a
      week each, which is in my standard pretty high), I took the first sale
      opportunitiy to buy the whole series, and I've been buying all newer works
      Julian May was also for me the gateway to a bunch of other authors in
      whose work I've become interested, just because their books are edited by
      the same publisher, or at least are on display next to each other in most
      stores. Some names: Zelazny, Martin, Jordan, Kay, Bradley... I really
      cannot recall them all.

      About bringing the works of Mrs. Majewski to the big screen: would the
      British actor John Thaw (a.k.a. Inspector Morse) not be the perfect
      Rogatien? Just wondering... I also would pick Matt Damon as a younger

      dr Werner Peeters - RUCA Dept. of Mathematics Off # U529 |M _/\/\/_ S
      Groenenborgerlaan 171, B-2020 Antwerp, Belgium |A \,>o(,,/_ I
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      Homepage: http://math.ruca.ua.ac.be/~wpeeters |I C_, )/ S
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