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3075Re: How about these folks

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  • Leticia Anderson
    Dec 4, 2003
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      Nicolette wrote:

      > Some inspired casting choices for characters - I can easily see Sam
      > Neil as Bryan and Sean Connery as Thagdal. I would never have thought
      > of Patrick Bergin as Marc (in my opinion it's Rufus Sewell or bust,
      > heh) but I'm thinking hmm...maybe...
      Murph suggested:
      >> Aiken: Ewan McGregor (ginger wig) or Noah Taylor
      >> Elizabeth: Julianna Moore
      >> Stein: Vin Diesel
      >> Sharn: Jack Black
      >> Ayfa: Kate Winslet (perm)
      >> Madame: Meryl Streep
      >> Claude: Mel Gibson
      >> Peopeo: Michael Douglas (slapped into shape)
      >> Brian: Sam Neill
      >> Mercy: Robin Wright-Penn
      >> Felice: Avril Levigne (assuming she can act)
      >> Thagdal: Sean Connery
      >> Culluket: Orlando Bloom (perfect)
      >> Nodonn: Stephen Dorff
      >> Marc: Patrick Bergin
      >> Alberonn: David Wenham

      I agree with nicolette - some inspired choices - I think Orlando Bloom is a
      splendid Culluket - especially in the Halloween skeleton suit. Sam Neill as
      Brian, Vin Diesel as Steinie, I can well see those too.
      I won't budge from Rufus Sewell, though, or Claudia Black for Elizabeth.
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