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2993Re: [Julian-May-discuss] Re: anyone seen this?

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  • Nicolette Lewer
    Nov 2, 2003
      Hi there,

      Yes, I forgot Elijah would be too short for a Tanu - perhaps as one of the hybrid
      Tanu/humans then? <g>.

      Certainly Nicole Kidman or Uma Thurman would be good as Mercy - although with
      Uma slicing and dicing in 'Kill Bill' at the moment I'm thinking 'hello Felice!'.

      High Thoughts
      - Nicolette :-)

      On 30 Oct 2003 at 7:49, Cleomadjai wrote:

      > Seth Green isn't bad - he is quirky enough to play Aiken too. But Elijah for a tanu - too short.
      > Now Johnny Depp could play a tanu -amongst other things. So could Nicole Kidman when it
      > came to that - I still see her as Mercy-Rosmar too. Either her or Uma Thurman. Orlando Bloom
      > as Culluket?
      > Did we ever come up with a Nodonn?
      > Diamondmask
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