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  • leda_au@yahoo.com
    Jul 24, 2000
      Hi guys,

      Thanks for your quick response to my invites! I've sent out a few
      so hopefully we can get a good level of correspondence up and running
      pretty quickly.
      A brief intro from all of us would be great, then we can get the ball
      My name's Leticia, most of my gen. info is in my profile - I'm
      I live in Sydney, Australia etc. I've been reading May's books for
      about six yeas or so...I've read her Black Trillium, Sky Trillium etc
      works and the nine books from the Pliocene Exile/Galactic Milieu
      cycle but I haven't read her Perseus Arm series or anything else by
      her that I recall.
      It is the exile/milieu books that really affected me...after reading
      the Pliocene Exile series when I was about thirteen or fourteen May's
      work made such an impression on me that I actually decided to become
      psychologist....which is why the galactic milieu series struck me so
      profoundly when I read it about two years ago (by that time already
      studying psych). There are dozens of areas that May touched on in
      those nine books that I would love to have the opportunity to discuss
      with other interested minds...I met Avalonmyst a few days ago via
      another list we are both one, and that was the first time I ever
      *spoke* to someone else who had ever read her books. So I've got
      I'd love to talk about, from tiny trivia details about the books
      themselves to queries about the psychics, mathematics, religion,
      philosophy and psychology of May's works.
      I look forward to speaking to y