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Re: Milieu galaxy maps

Do the non-Paramounts have a more consistent level of abilities? I'd say not. I think JM did what she needed to do with the powers to make the story work.
Padraig Timmins
Sep 9

Re: Milieu galaxy maps

I spent most of my 30-hour flight re-reading, so the general rules seems to be: Redaction, coercion and the "meta-vampire" thing that the Hydras do only works
Sep 9

New Julian May links available (including new interview with her)

Hi folks, I've added some new items to the Links folder. First, a new and recent interview with Julian May in regards to e-book releases of her Trillium books
Aug 23

New files added re Trillium books

Hi folks, The Trillium books are to be released as e-books and I've added pictures of the new covers in the Files section (the ones Julian wrote / helped to
Jun 30

Re: Milieu galaxy maps

Ah yes-I remember that. In fact at one point he alters computer records on a number of different planets at the same time. I guess a "hand-waving" explanation
Jeff Babon
Jun 21

Re: Milieu galaxy maps

I think it's in Jack, (maybe Diamond) Fury uses a Metacreative impulse from Earth to Concilium Orb alter computer records to cover up one of the Hydra attacks.
John Sachse
Jun 20

Re: Milieu galaxy maps

Hi, It's in 'Adversary' where Creyn tells Elizabeth that Duat is 'behind' the Pleiades constellation (Seven Sisters). She says awesome, back on Denali they
Jun 17

Re: Metaconcert Vacation Destination?

Hi Paul, That's a nice idea, I hope it goes well. In the links section under 'Geographical references' there are the websites for the Mt Washington Cog railway
Jun 17

Re: Milieu galaxy maps

Regarding Duat-at one stage one of the characters points to a constellation that Duat is "behind"-I think its either Creyn or Minannon and I seem to remember
Jeff Babon
Jun 17

Metaconcert Vacation Destination?

Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. :-) I'll be turning 40 this summer and since I live in New England but have never been to Mount Washington, it
Jun 17

Milieu galaxy maps

I'm currently re-reading the Milieu trilogy and getting very confused about the locations of various planets relative to others. Not to metion which Polities
Jun 17

Re: Welcome to new members

A little google-fu reveals this guy taking a hand in the film: Nick Dudman https://www.linkedin.com/pub/nick-dudman/4/413/3ba
Jun 10

Welcome to new members

Hi and welcome to new members Chris and Matt. :) Feel free to introduce yourselves and have fun looking through the links and polls. The latest news of note is
Jun 9

Re: Force Field technology Patented by Boeing

There's more detail on it here:
Apr 29

Saga of the Exiles music

Hi folks, A while back I added a link to the instrumental music 'Pliocene Morning' by composer & JM fan Tim Fatchen. Well, he's composed more music and I've
Apr 24
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