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  • Jon Thornburgh
    Aug 10, 2003
      If you clicked on Jon Thornburgh.com, you were forwarded
      automatically to this Jon Thornburgh "Yahoo! Groups" Site.

      On this Site, I have posted several hundred messages. Some messages
      are "tidbits" of information obtained from aviation articles,
      magazines, and other web sites. Other messages direct the reader to
      articles which I have written for various magazines, including
      UltraFlight, Ultralight Flying, Aero-News Network, Aero Connections,
      and the EAA Experimenter.

      How to use this Yahoo! Groups Site:

      On the top of this page on the right side is a box labeled "Msg #"
      followed by the word "Go." For an overview of this Site, type in the
      number "1" (one) and you will be linked to the first message. Please
      disregard the reference to "Cyberskies" in the first message, because
      Cyberskies is no longer in existence. (The web master passed away.)
      The magazine articles which were previously archived on Cyberskies
      are now on the UltraFlight Magazine web site at

      There are also articles available on this Site at various messages,
      which are indexed below:

      Index of Jon Thornburgh Magazine Articles

      Message Subject

      245 The Differences Between Ultralights and General
      Aviation Aircraft

      246 How to Find the Right Ultralight Instructor

      247 How to Find a Good Ultralight Manufacturer

      248 Flying an Ultralight Over Congested Areas

      249 Liability and Asset Protection for Aviators and

      250 The Quicksilver GT-500

      251 Trike Pilot Makes Aviation History

      252 Two Students Become FAA Licensed Glider-Trike Pilots

      253 Wallaby Ranch--A Hang Gliding Paradise

      254 The Impact of Terrorism on General Aviation

      255 FAA Publishes the Sport Pilot Initiative

      256 Wake Turbulence and Ultralights

      257 Aero-News Network (ANN) Article on FAA Regulation

      258 ANN Article no. 1 on Ultralights

      259 ANN Article on Ultralight Basics

      260 ANN Article no. 2 on Ultralight Regulations

      261 ANN Article no. 3 on Ultralight Regulations

      262 ANN Article no. 4 on Ultralight Regulations

      263 ANN Article no. 5 on Ultralight Regulations

      265 Quicksilver Training Academy Article in ANN by
      Jon Thornburgh

      267 UltraFlight Magazne Archives of Jon Thornburgh

      268 Aero-News Network Article: Proposed Changes to FAA

      287 Aero-News Network Article: The True Cost of Ultralight

      Prior to August 2003, each article mentioned above contained
      an "Attachment," which included a link to the original source URL of
      the article. Since August 2003, Yahoo! no longer allows its Groups to
      display attachments. Therefore, the URL links have been posted in
      the "Files" section of this Site.

      You may access all the Files by clicking on the word "Files," which
      appears in the column at the far left of this page.

      I have also posted many messages regarding the unique "Glider-Trike"
      project at another Yahoo! Groups site. An index of the most
      significant messages on the other site is available at

      For a list of all the messages on this Jon Thornburgh Yahoo! Site,
      go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JonThornburgh/messages/1

      You may e-mail me at JonThornburgh@p...

      My voice mail is 800-971-8710.

      Thank you for your interest in the material I have to offer.


      Jon Thornburgh
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