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3755Free Training "Life Entrepreneurship Program" For Those Aspiring Entrepreneur, 5/22/2012, 7:00 am

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  • JokeShab@yahoogroups.com
    May 21, 2012
      Reminder from: JokeShab Yahoo! Group
      Title: Free Training "Life Entrepreneurship Program" For Those Aspiring Entrepreneur
      Date: Tuesday May 22, 2012
      Time: 7:00 am - 8:00 am
      Repeats: This event repeats every Tuesday and Thursday.
      Location: Ortigas, Quezon City, Alabang, Makati city, Iloilo, Pampanga, Philippines
      Phone:  639266683259
      Notes: Free Training “Life Entrepreneurship Program” - Powered by Create Abundance 2020 Business School

      Teach and train aspiring entrepreneur to create a high leverage system on how to create wealth from zero in the Philippines setting. It is something unconventional and not traditional.
      It is simply duplicating Our Business School System and earning royalty fee (passive income) from teaching the system to those who want to achieve wealth in their lives (the fastest way to learn is to teach). These business models already made thousands of US Dollars multi-millionaires in other countries. Create Abundance adjusted the system to adapt to the Filipino mindset and circumstance.

      Now, what is the secret of the wealthy? There is no secret; it is simply creating passive income that exceeds lifestyle expenses. It is simply building a pipeline that pumps in streams of income. Not only one stream but multiple streams.


      This course is consisting of four Modules. One module per session.

      Module 1. Awareness - Uncovering Money Operating Systems ™
      Module 2. Understanding - Source of Limiting Wealth Beliefs and Empowering Wealth Beliefs
      Module 3. Reconditioning - Reprogramming Money Operating Systems ™

      For those are qualified and willing to undergo “Life Entrepreneurship Program”
      Module 4. Action – Doing the real thing.

      We offer online Wealth Course to those interested to attend but in the provinces and outside the countries. Please key-in this site www.ca2020.net (Note: If you are the first time to sign up put my name as a person invited.) Thank you! Let’s fight financial problem and create First World Country that works for all.

      We not accepted walk-in participants.
      To reserve your seats please follow this format: Name/age/occupation/contact no./email/ reasons why you want to attend/ and send to 0926.668.3259

      For more information and inquiries you are feel free to contact: 0926.668.3259

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