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Warm Welcome to the "JOHNNO's"

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  • don johnston
    Les, that was a sensational introduction !!. I would hope that any of the Kiwi s who have now subscribed, and who don t belong to the NZ Branch of the Clan
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2004
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      Les, that was a sensational introduction !!.  I would hope that any of the Kiwi's who have now subscribed, and who don't belong to the NZ Branch of the Clan will consider joining, your freely given offer to help I am sure will be taken up on, and appreciated very much.
      I do know that in "Those Days", the 1850's onward that there was so much shipping movement between NZ, Au and in particular Tasmania due to the global gold rush and the global shipping routes that many, many Scots & Irish [among many Brits too] left the US, after their gold mining, joining back passage shipping to the new Rush to the Antipodes, mind you many ships also hit Western Australia and South Australia and Port Phillip, but so many left NY & San Francisco headed straight for NZ, then with many went straight to Tasmania, from there they begged, borrowed or stowed away to any AU Port, specifically looking towards the Victorian Goldfields, Ballarat, Bendigo etc' and so many of these ships had no records - Gggrrrr.
      Being a Johnston [Gillian is too] and having spent the last 25 or so years chasing down our ancestor, we've got him but can't prove absolutely when he came, and being a Clan member of AU and also we're privileged in writing some articles for the AU magazine we felt that their wasn't a specific nor geographically selfish Group on the net for this side of the world.
      I'll quote here too, a year 2000  post I saw just last  night on the Rootsweb List, this person said [and rightly so] that in the 1800's and earlier, and later that the pronunciation of the name Johnson is  the same as Johnston  or Johnstone, in those days only the literate could spell properly     [think about that] and, if they      were getting off a ship and a Pom was transcribing their arrival, trying to understand the Scot or Irish brogue, well....
      Lastly  to confirm the above, Gill & I finally     [after 20 or so years] found our Great Grand Fathers siblings arriving in New York in 1873 however they were Johnson's and not Johnston's.  The same happened in Co Antrim. 
      Some advice for those reading this, use Soundex, DO NOT ASSUME that your family spelling is correctly transcribed, AT ALL !!!!  {We know and have wasted 20 or so years assuming people spelt properly]
      Lastly, take advantage of your belonging to the Group, know that your fellow member has the same yearning, otherwise they wouldn't be here, as of 10.55 tonite [Wed}] there's 25 or so dedicated "Johnno's" I'd like to encourage all of you to let other know that this Group exists as the more who share = the more who may find out more.
      It's great to see our Kiwi's on board as they are an integral part of people moving around and using the sea passage to Australia in the Gold Rush Times....
      Best Wishes
      Don in Melbourne
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      Hi everyone: I am a new member as of today. Herewith a brief backgrounder. I am currently North Island Commissioner, Genealogy Officer and Newsletter Editor, for Clan Johnston/e Assn., New Zealand. We currently have about 100 members. My ancestor, Robert Johnston, and wife Jane Dunne, ex Belfast and Saintfield, Co.Down, respectively. emigrated to Sydney, NSW, on the “Herald,” 1841. Found the streets were not paved with gold so came to NZ in 1846. As genealogy officer I hold a file of some member trees and family research interests, both names and Ireland and Scotland, in the main. Enquiries welcomed. I am happy to publish research enquiries in our quarterly Newsletter (free). Anyone thinking of visiting NZ some time next year, we are holding our annual social luncheon and AGM in Taupo on May 29, 2005. All welcome. Look forward to chasing some lost NZ family and would love to find my Belfast roots. Regards: Les Hewett, Napier, New Zealand.

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