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  • Don Johnston
    Just forwarding this request from Wynette in case anyone can assist? If you are able to assist, please CC the Group [just so we all know she s had some help]
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2011
      Just forwarding this request from Wynette in case anyone can assist?
      If you are able to assist, please CC the Group [just so we all know she's
      had some help] but send a response direct to Wynette

      If you are unable to post direct to AUS-VIC-SURNAMES@... because
      you're not subscribed just send to me and I'll re-post it to the Vic Surname

      Thanks for any help.... :)

      Don Johnston
      Librarian - AU/NZ Johnston/Johnson/Johnstone DNA Surname Project

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      Dear Listers

      Would anyone know if Steve NETHERCOTE "of Melbourne" is a person who is
      active on this list?

      I have just found an enquiry to the Rootsweb SURREY list in 2003, asking
      about the family of Captain John JOHNSON, Master Mariner, who died in 1838 -
      owner of the Brig "Ellen". Captain JOHNSON seems to have died the same year
      as he purchased this ship.

      I have been thoroughly researching this family as I have recently found that
      my children are descended from his son, Thomas Junius JOHNSON, a Clerk, who
      was convicted in Central Court, London in 1847 and transported for 7 years
      to Queensland in 1849 on the "Mount Stuart Elphinstone".

      Further to that, his direct descendant, Joan Ellen JOHNSON, born 1 December,
      1920 in Brisbane, to Frank Lenny JOHNSON and his wife Hendritta/Henrietta
      KENNEDY, is my children's grandmother.

      I realise privacy issues may a concern, but am taking the unusual step of
      giving her details as Joan would be 90 if still alive and she, as a person,
      is of great importance and interest to my family.

      Joan and her partner separated in Melbourne, circa 1947, some two plus years
      after the birth of their child in Brisbane.

      Only her name and where and when they parted, was ever disclosed, and that,
      not until 1965, when her name was requested for a legal document.

      Nothing is known of Joan Ellen JOHNSON, since the separation.

      We have only this last fortnight, tracked down her birth through an
      electoral roll, having her living in Agnew Street Brisbane, with other
      people of the same surname in 1943.

      Joan Ellen's mother Hendritta died in 1928 and Frank Lenny JOHNSON married
      Violet May WYLES in 1935. It is probable there were children from that

      We have not yet found if Frank Lenny JOHNSON and Hendritta nee KENNEDY had
      more children prior to her death. There is a female listed in an electoral
      roll in 1949, that may be a descendant.

      My children, Joan Ellen's decendants, would dearly like to know anything
      more of her and her immediate family.

      I would appreciate contact with anyone who has knowledge of this family.


      Wynnette Ford

      Formerly Tasmanian, now living in Queensland.
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