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Descendants and ancestors of William Henry Johnston

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  • Paul Johnston
    Hello everyone, This is my first post to the group, though I ve been here lurking for a while. I think it s time I de-lurked and see if someone on the group
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2009
      Hello everyone,
      This is my first post to the group, though I've been here lurking for a while. I think it's time I 'de-lurked' and see if someone on the group can help me.
      My Great-great-grandfather was William Henry Johnston, born in Killesandra, County Cavan, Ireland about 1836. He arrived in Sydney from Ireland on board the Mary Pleasents on 16 NOV 1858, following his sister Mary Anne and brother Nathaniel Sneyd Johnston in 1854 and 1856 respectively. William married Elizabeth Jane Free in 1863, whose first child, John Johnston (b. 16 DEC 1863 in Gerringong, NSW,  d. 12 JUL 1932 in Bulli, NSW) is my Great Grandfather. They went on to have 5 more children between 1865 and 1873. William died on 6 JUN 1890 at Riverstone, NSW.
      John married Mearn Malcolm (also called  Marron, Marion, and Minnie) in 1891, and their third child, Malcolm Charles (b. 14 JUL 1901 in Woonona, NSW, d. 31 OCT 1963 in Granville, NSW), is my Grandfather.
      I am particularly interested in William Henry's parents, John and Jane. I have very little to go on, except a Rootsweb entry which has John born in 1810 and Jane in 1812, both in Ireland. I believe at least Jane may have emigrated to Australia, since the birth certificate of my great grandfather has a Mrs Johnston as a witness to his birth. A John and Jane Johnston arrived in Sydney on 6 MAY 1860 on board the Hannah More. This is the only instance I can find of a John and Jane Johnston arriving in Sydney at the same time. If they did arrive in NSW, I have yet to find either death certificate.
      If anyone can shed some light on John and Jane I would be most appreciative, and if anyone is descended from them I would love to hear from you.
      Paul Johnston,
      Canberra ACT
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