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  • Cuddly Koala
    Thanks Gillian :) Unfortunately the one I can t find anywhere (Albert George Johnston), I think was born in New Zealand - hes my grand father on my dads side -
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 7, 2008
      Thanks Gillian :)

      Unfortunately the one I can't find anywhere (Albert George Johnston), I think was born in New Zealand - hes my grand father on my dads side - but he seems non-existent! I have added a lot of people to my tree from the Australian side in the past couple of days - but alas NONE of them migrated to New Zealand - its so frustrating LOL!

      I know we definitely came from George Johnston - the first to step foot on Australian soil **grin** because the prisoners made an ebony and ivory walking stick for him in thanks for his kind treatment of them, and its been passed down from son to son since then - its ended up with my brother - but WHICH son in each family it was passed to who knows! LOL!

      My uncle in New Zealand did our complete family tree right back to Princess Diannas Grandfather who got the spencer title when his older brother abdicated - she's my 42nd cousin LOL! Alas my uncle died though and we have no idea where all that information has been passed to **sigh**

      Can I state again that I'm really frustrated? LOL!

      How are you doing with your tree? Perhaps it connects into mine somewhere :)

      Kim :)

      On Jan 7, 2008 2:23 PM, Gillian < gillda@...> wrote:

      Hi Kim -
      it is good to hear from you and that you have such an
      illustrious ancestor. My brother Donald Johnston always liked to
      impress people by saying it was a Johnston who was the first person to
      land in Australia (from the First Fleet) - actuallyYOUR ancestor!

      If they were in NSW, try
      I have had great success there finding NSW relatives.

      If in Victoria

      Both sites allow you to get them online (if you pay, of course!)

      best wishes, Gillian, Adelaide

      Jyc> Hi my maiden name is Kim Johnston.

      Jyc> I've joined this group hoping that someone can help me connect the
      Jyc> dots of my ancestry - or at least point me in the right direction? :)
      Jyc> Any help would really be appreciated.

      Jyc> I know that my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather was George
      Jyc> Johnston who came over on the First Fleet, and I've discovered the
      Jyc> next generation down - but then I've lost 2 generations from them down

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